Blac Chyna Hoping Yung Berg Can Deliver Her a HIT!

Yung Berg is letting us know he’s in the studio with Blac Chyna…. and according to the realty tv personality, the pair has cooked up some FIRE!

Dig the drop:

According to people close to Blac Chyna, she doesn’t just want to be in music videos with Nicki Minaj, she wants to BE the new Nicki Minaj.

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Is Blac Chyna setting herself up for failure???


  1. Off topic:

    Talk about something more important, Rhymeswithsnitch and bossip are reporting a story about a Cobb County Police officer telling a white woman, “We only kill black people.” This is proof that cops are out to murder us. Where are these so called black leaders in the state of Georgia?

    • Come on really nba is fixed. U go to the coffee shop to drink coffee. McDonalds for fast food ect. U know what u get when u come to this site.

      And YOU need to see that video. The cop was being sarcastic. Wrong time wrong situation but he was CLEARLY saying it as “thats how you the driver feel about cops. That we only shoot blacks right. Thats how u feel, right” it was clear as day. Again he was wayyyy in the wrong but was by no way admitting to it

      • i agree.. it wasn’t as explosive as say seeing police officer Michael T. Slager MURDER Walter Scott on video and then LITERALLY plant drugs/weapon.

        • Cops are not sarcastic, they’re the KKK in blue uniforms. When that cop said “we only kill black people”, he meant it.

      • I saw the video and sarcastic my ass…

        Everything a motherfucker says always has truth to it…

        Police shootings, murders, looking the other way and planting evidence are not some new shit…these offenders (not officers) of the law have always abused their power and will continue to because they have never had our best interest at heart.

        Watch Serpico (based on a true story) among other movies who show police corruption, they are a legal crime syndicate and they kill many of their own who choose not to play the game.

        They do the bare minimum to seem legit, but don’t ever get it twisted that they are here to protect and serve, that is a load of shit!

    • STFU idiot…you sound like you have been dropped on your head and fucked in the ass one too many times…as well as your lame ass cosigner…smfh.

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