Serena Williams Gives Birth to Baby Girl

serena williams labor

Serena Williams is finally “a real woman” according to reports.

The tennis legend checked into the hospital on Wednesday and was induced on Thursday. She finally gave birth to her baby girl today.

This is the first child for her and her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian.



  1. Some sites say she gave birth, others say she’s in labor. The good thing is that one of those statements will be true by the end of the day.

  2. Maybe this will shut up the naysayers and haters.

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    But whitey has this ole thing called self doubt that he has been using for 100 plus yrs now.

  3. She just announced she was pregnant now she giving birth. These celebrities have babies quick af damn I guess they be like 6 months where they announce they pregnant or something

  4. I know damn we’ll y’all ain’t gonna pretend this man have birth to anything? Really? Can men not tell a man from a woman anymore? There are skeletal differences that just can’t be your eyes people.

  5. Her father worked hard turning her and her sister into top athletes that dominated the sport, and she goes and does this.

  6. So she has a fiance’ but not a husband. What kind of business arrangement is this.

  7. Anonymous

    Well it took a white man to fully embrace and love her.

    You know these weak ass black men r followers: scared to embrace a woman like serena.

  8. Only an unfit, fat man or woman would call serena a man.

    Fat women may not resemble a man but something more egregious: a motha fuckin’ mountain.

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