Tyler Perry Defends Joel Osteen for Shutting Church’s Doors on Hurricane Victims

tyler perry defends joel osteen

When the world was dragging mega church pastor Joel Osteen for shutting his doors to Hurricane Harvey victims, Tyler Perry is one of the few who came to his defense.

Joel said the church was flooded so it was unable to be a shelter for thousands of Houston residents who lost their homes. People later went to the church and took video to show there wasn’t any flooding in sight.

In a Facebook video, Tyler says he spoke to Joel personally, and he blames the entire ordeal on “safety concerns.”

“I know that there’s been some controversy about Joel Osteen and him not opening doors of the church. Let me tell you something: Joel and Victoria are amazing people. There is no way they would lock people out of the church and not let people in for shelter. There were some safety concerns. I spoke to them on the phone, and it all made perfect sense to me so before you just run and judge somebody really quick, you need to know the whole circumstances” ~ Tyler Perry

Tyler then donated $1 million to flood relief charities with $250,000 of it going to Joel’s Lakewood church.

You can watch Tyler’s Faceboo video here.


  1. Another coon defends white supremacy! Tyler Perry can go suck Magic Johnson’s dick and catch a House In Virginia! #BoycottTylerPerry

  2. Fact: Joel Osteen makes over $75 million dollars, 501c (Doesn’t pay taxes) a year. I’m not making this up!

  3. Quote from L Ron Hubbard, “If you want to become rich, start a church.”

  4. Oprah told him 2 do it…they went to him and victoria house on own network & oprah acted like a bitch to victoria. They all in the shut 2gether.

  5. It’s his church. That mega church is considered his business property and investment. We need to see this judgment call on his part for what it actually is. He is a business man, and opening his doors would be considered a liability. Just because he is mega Joel Osteen, he is not obligated to do anything.
    Now, don’t get me wrong… should he do something to help ease the situation? Yes he should. Is he expected to? Yes. Is he obligated to help.. nope.
    Here is the issue, we (regular folk) often forget that these mega churches, and huge Televised congregations are Tax Free BUSINESSES. Most of us (regular folk)
    hold these Priests, Pastors, Philanthropist etc. at too high of a standard and forget that they are merely human beings. Some are human beings with fucked up intentions, some are selfish, some are greedy, some are sick perverts. Some commit every carnal sin in which they preach against. Many are hypocrites. Some, very few are actually decent people.
    You take the Title away, and they are just people with money. Our expectations of others, that hold power and the ability to influence are way too high.

    This disaster in Texas and beyond is horrific, unfortunately many of those who can help considerably, will only use this as an opportunity to polish their image/interest, while others help by donating their time, energy, and resources because it’s the right thing to do.

    • A nonprofit is a business, but it is a business that is supposed to benefit/serve the public especially since it is a church!

      If this MF wants to run a real business he needs to stop cheating the system and pay taxes on all his “donations” then he can do whatever he wants w/o having to answer to anyone, except his ‘higher power’ in the end.

      • non profit = not established for the purpose of making a profit
        church = building used for public worship.
        Neither one of those things have anything to do with serving the public.
        Both equal tax breaks, and there is no one single owner. Both establishment are ran by silent board members, who vote on decision making while having a spokesperson. In this case Mighty Joe is that spokesperson who probably owns just a few shares more than the rest of the members. Either way I agree… he ain’t gotta do nuffin. Morality that mega church should, but they don’t have to. Icing on the mega cake, I’m sure that building is fully insured, they ain’t going to loss a dime. Now if they open their doors, their insurance won’t cover them, if anyone gets hurt or sick, mega church will be mega sued. They are not going to risk that. He will probably donate a few million dollars to the cause and call it a day.

        Non Profit establishments / Churches are the biggest money making scam industries in the world and most corrupt. The world is fucked up, and full of double standards.

        • And you did say public worship right?

          Which means its purpose it meant to serve the public!

          What a dipshit…smfh.

        • He also takes that risk if anyone steps into that place at any time. Just like any other business, idiot.

          So why not be a decent human being instead of a dick. It really does not matter because he and many other of these “pastors” will pay one way or another.

          • hahha why you so mad over somebody Internet comment? Get on the Internet and post an ad saying you will open your home to a displaced family from the hurricane.
            ….. We will all wait
            So don’t be mad because J. O. didn’t open his doors … because you won’t either.

  6. Safety issues did need t o be considered first. Certain security procedures needed to be in place. Remember what happened in the dome in Louisiana.

      • Really?

        So one situation = the same shit happening in a completely different city?

        Unless you were at the dome and even if you were you don’t know what all that really was about or why it happened so GTFOH with the over-generalizations.

    • GTFOH…that MF did not want a crowd of negroes in “his” church period. And he thought he could get away with that BS…don’t be a fucking nonprofit organization taking free money if you have issues helping people.

      The only reason he became ok w/ allowing people in is because the local police used his church as a hub, I hope he loses major funds from his pussy move.

      A dude who sells furniture who brought in people no questions asked to all of his stores, has more integrity than this bitch ever will!

        • LMAO…No it isn’t.

          Just because he takes every ones $$$, does not mean he gives a shit about them.

  7. So they use the Black Gay Nigga to try and pacify the nigga,s, he tries so hard to be relevant ,I remember when he went to TD Jakes church and laid hands on him and he fell out ,the way these people play games is ridiculous .they think we are so stuipid organized religion ,the entertainmen t business , and politics were all created to do the same thing decieve the masses ,yall better inplug from they system and wake up ,go within and know thyself

  8. Tyler Perry has a movie coming out soon; it’s called Boo 2. I strongly suggest all black people boycott Tyler Perry. He is a DL brother who defends racist white people!

    • Remember when the Black Women boycotted Tyler Perry’s movie when he tried to put the diaper-a$$ed Kim Kardashian in it?? As a result, no KK in the film. Ha ha ha! Nothing like a good boycott to get someone’s attention.

  9. ‘Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits…’ ~ Matthew 7:15.

    Folks, once you know who are these people’s REAL master (aka Church of Satan – Anton Lavey, whom Oprah has interviewed and many of his associates) you will stop supporting every single one of them and quit handing over your hard earned coins.

    Those poor souls who have lost everything and have been made destitute by this n.w.o h.a.a.r.p. instigated disaster (disguised as an Act of God) and are desperately in need of this imposter’s help; were probably the same people who also helped finance his football stadium-sized ‘church’ and opulent lifestyle… and as for the DL Tyler Perry (Oprah’s friend), it’s no surprise he should come out in support because he too is all part of their agenda, hence his uncletomfoolerycoonery.

    “Evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.” – 2 Timothy 3:13.

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