Bobby Brown Mysteriously Quits ‘Dancing With the Stars’

bobby brown quits dancing with the stars

At the last moment, Bobby Brown has abruptly quit the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

The singer was set to be a contestant on season 25 of the show, but he pulled out due to “contract issues.”

“Bobby Brown was originally slated to be on this new season of DWTS, but recently pulled out. There were issues with his contract, and he couldn’t come to an agreement with ABC that it would be worth it to do the show.”


  1. Quit lying about contract disputes and such. We know bobby thought about that thang and decided not to go out there and embarrass himself. He’s outta shape, doesn’t have the discipline to practice daily and will go HAM at the criticism. You guys have seen how he’s eased himself off of many a stage in the recent years. Stop playing!

  2. That would have been a good project for him. He’s a good natural dancer, and he would get in shape.

  3. Pfffttt….

    That fat mcgreasy bastard almost died on stage one of the last times he was performing with new edition….there is no way he would do that again, on at a more strenuous level…smh.

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