Daily Doses of Blac Chyna w/ Hip Hop Square Casting!

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This will put Chyna in the company of stars like Safari Samuels, Tiffany Haddish and Michael Blackson…. They trying to make this hoe a star! ???

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  1. SMH!!! They let ANYBODY into the business these days!!! Zero talent! No talent! Zilch talent! You need nothing but the ability to sell your soul and show your natural azz!! Showbusiness is not what it use to be. Over saturated and loose!!! Not worth the time or energy….

  2. FUCK YA’LL & FUCK Hollyweird…
    Hollyweird is an Equal Opportunity Industry…giving all flat ass (NOW BOOTIE SHOTS CAN FIX THAT…Just ask the Kardashian’s… GIGANTIC fake breast BITCHASS MOFO in all day with no talent! SOOOOOOOO…Blac Chyna doing something RIGHT!!! She Got yo MOFO ATTENTION!!!
    Don’t HATE…Just appreciate or go sit yo ass down!

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