Rapper Dave East: “Darker Dudes Hated Me for Being Light Skin”

dave east light skin struggles

Rapper Dave East showed up to Hot 97 to talk about his new EP and how his image has gotten him noticed in the music industry.

When asked what it’s like being attractive in the Hip Hop world, Dave flipped the script and talked about how dark skinned men always hated on him while growing up.

“I’m light skinned man, so I had them problems my whole life with the darker dudes…the blacker dudes.”

He also said he was “dusty” while living in the projects, but his “glow up” has helped him blend in with rappers like Drake, but he can still go back to the hood if he needs to.

Peep the interview starting at the 17:30 mark:

You think he’s lying? Is he even light skinned?


  1. Mixed blooded people hate blackness the majority of the time & cant be trusted

    • Hate my ass…

      People are tired of light skinned bitches always playing the victim, when they are one of the main perpetrators of the hate.

  2. I don’t know how a fool who could not pass the paper bag test is reppin’ team light-skin…LOL!

  3. He’s caramel, which is lighter than darkskinned ppl but darker than high yellow people. I am barely just about 1 or 2 shades lighter than him and I experienced hate from ppl and they just all happen to be dark. So yes i believe him.

    • I remember groeing up in Atlanta and the darkskin women would start fights with light skin women just to damage their faces

      • Oh please, if that were the case there would be a shitload of busted bitches out there.

        They prob got there ass beat for talking shit.

        • Every pretty, basic or ugly light skin girl I know been jumped by dark girls. So stop lying to your self. They do be hating!!!

          Nobody playing victim, I did not even know the girls that jumped me at all, never spoke one word to them. I have hazel green eyes and that’s where she tried to cut me, but missed my eye and cut me where my eyebrow was.

          I’m not even all that light but I’m very careful with the darkskin friends I pick because they do be hating.

          • LMAO…if you bitches were jumped you deserved it! LOL…

            You say she did not know you, but given how you speak here, you deserved it too…LOL.

            And thank you for admitting how basic and ugly you all are…I can agree that part is true! LOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!

            • I don’t think color make you pretty or ugly. But some guys do, every guy I ever dated dark and light has told me they don’t like dark woman or weaves. One of them stressed it so much I dumped him over it because he was black as hell and I could not understand his logic to hate his own color. So idk

              • You must not see your own bias through what you wrote…the sad part is people like you never do.

            • They did go to my school but I did not know them, never seen them or ever heard of them, until that day. But the fact that they knew me, cared enough to follow me, get kicked out of school and go to jail over definitely made me feel like I was the shyt. Sooo now you know why some ppl think they the shyt!!!! Because I would NEVER fight anybody because I don’t like them or because they talking shyt or none of that. The only female that can make me mad enough to fight is my sister or maybe cousins or something, but never s bytch I don’t know.

              • Like I said, given what you have written here, what happened to you really does not surprise me.

  4. I just looked him up on the internet and that video is definetly dark. He’s clearly lightskin or mixed. Im going to assume a dark skinned person write this article. Anywho, I believe there are more beautiful darkakinned ppl than any race, but some of the ugly and dat ones definetly tear down light skin ppl. So yall need to stop acting like that dong happen. I got jumped by like 7 dark skinned girl in highschool that i did not knoe and never had a convo with. When the police asked them why, they admitted they just did not like me.

    • Oh Shut the Fuck Up…the video is legit and he is NOT light skin.

      Pictures have lighting that make you look lighter…and he still would NOT pass the paper bag test so fuck off with the bull and saying someone dark wrote this like there is jealousy or some such shit.

      Like I said light skin people are just as guilty of stirring shit than anyone else. Proof with this bitch here, again having to play victim, while trying to spit venom.

      • I don’t understand why you so mad??. He’s light skin maybe not high yellow but he’s not dark. The fact that you so angry over it just proves the point he’s making. I’m his color and I consider myself brown, ppl call me caramel or light and I have experienced hate from darker skinned woman regarding my color. Sooooooooo, if you can’t accept that, continue to believe whatever fairy tell you live in. But all light skinned, red skinned and caramel ppl know some dark skinned ppl be hating. It’s a fact and most light skinned girls got police reports to prove it.

        • How is speaking the truth being mad?

          What grown man complains like a bitch…meaning like you for example about their complexion? All you fuckers are lame as fuck to say shit like dark people hate me because I am light… people hate you because you are assholes.

          You are not better, but act like you are and you all hate just as much if not more than anyone else…so shove that truth up your ass and down your gullet …hopefully you will choke on it.

          • I’m not taking sides, or giving an opinion, so I can’t be bias. Just stating things I’ve seen or been through FACTS!!! and I’m answering the question that yes I believe he is telling the truth because I’m not that light and been through the sane things just for being caramel. That’s my only point but I know you want me to say something different. If dark skin ppl don’t like being called haters than STOP HATING!!! It’s kinda that simple!!!!!

          • Girl I’m guessing he from south central since he hang with nipsey and if you lived there, you would understand most light skin men don’t stand a chance unless they clicked up with a set or get completely out and never turn back. If you was from there you would understand. All dark skin ppl are not haters, only the broke, ugly or fat ones. And I’m guessing you all 3.

            • LMAO…oh please, I have lived in SC and you are soooo full of shit, no light skin person i know got their ass whooped UNLESS they DESERVED IT!

              Anyway you are WRONG about ME…

              And I am sure you are a fat, ugly, cracked face bitch too who DID deserve her ASS WHOOPED!!! LOL!!!

              • Damn I am starting to write like your dumb ass…*correction WHO DID DESERVE TO GET HER ASS WHOOPED!!! LOL!!!!

                I was laughing too hard at your ignorant ass comment…LOL!

              • What the F–k is SC??? Nobody calls Cali that so i know you aint fron here. Its So Cal, Cali, West Coast but SC stand for USC out here and thats it, nothing else. If you say SC, anybody of any color in the state of California is going to think you talking about USC. You so full of Shyt. I just looked him up abd he from NY, but if you so called from “SC” what they building in Crenshaw?

                If you from “SC” name all the sets near where

              • Ummm….how is writing SC calling it anything? I can use those initials anyway I choose.

                My grandmother worked at USC, so I know what SC is you dumb fuck.

                But really, who the fuck is your busted ass to tell me how I can use SC?

                Bitch my grandmother raised me in Galilee Baptist Church on the corner from where Crenshaw High is…soooo don’t you feel as stupid as that dumb look on your fugly face right now?

                LOL!!!! I just can’t with dumb hateful bitches…LOL

              • Okay so you googled a church in Crenshaw by Crenshaw high but thats not what i asked you. I asked you what are they building on Crenshaw? And everybody from LA know the answer to that. And surely would know if your Grandma lives by Crenshaw high… lol ? ???? Youre so full of it!!!

                Since you want to soeak on churches than you should know the main church in Crenshaw, its 800 of them so if you really from there you would know the main one??? Waiting????

              • Actually im not feeling dumb, you are. You just lied and said you was from Cali but cant tell me shyt about Cali, but some random church you googled, that aint nobody heard of. Its a milliom churches in South near Crenshaw high. And only one that everyonr in that area go to, which you cant name.

                If your Grandma so called worked at SC, what game did Reggie Bush beat UCLA in at UCLA?

              • LMAO…WOW how fucking stupid can you be?

                I am done.

                I don’t have to prove anything to a bitch who can’t even write a sentence w/o mistakes let alone can barely tie her own shoes….LOL!!!!

              • Right!!! Light i thougt you cant answer it. So let me help yoh out.

                1. On Crenshaw they are building a train, got the whole boulevard messed up.

                2. The main church on Crenshaw is called West Angeles

                3. The other main church in la is Crenshaw Christian Center

                4. And Ucla dont play at UCLA they play at the Rose Bowl which is almost an hour away.

                But if you was from LA all them answers wouldve came easily.

              • Like I said I am not a clown here for your amusement, but thank you for being a clown for mine!

                I don’t need to answer your questions if your dumb ass thinks I googled a church no one knows about which was burned down a few yrs ago (but rebuilt), you would say the same about your idiotic quiz…you are a FUCKING RETARD…thanks for the laughs tho! LOL!!!

              • But do you know how much shyt on Crenshaw been burnt and rebuilt? That is of no significance in that area… that is some bull shyt you googled. It’s so much other stuff of significance in that area you could’ve brought up rather than that. It is really 800 churches over there, 99% of them hole in the walls. Nobody would use that as a reference to prove a point that they from LA. I asked you what were they building on Crenshaw, you did not answer it. Butch you not from LA and never have been. So again like I said light skin niggaz, especially rich don’t stand a chance in South Central unless they from a set, even Chris Brown figured that out.

              • I am not even reading this dumb shit.

                Re-read my last comment to you and that is my answer you FUCKING IDIOT!!!! LOL…

        • Lovely lady- he’s mad because this is his site (why he reads and responds way after the fact), and he hates lightskinned women because he thinks they’re pretty and they think he’s a homo. Don’t worry your mind about his transparency and buffoonery.

            • ????Guess I get the last laugh. Who plays they self online and anonymously????talk about whack. You must really be from Kentucky or somewhere. But I can imagine you being 350 with no friends, 27 living with Grandma.???. Not teasing but please get your life!!! And rep your city, not mine!! ??? Good night!!!

              • You are the joke, so you are right…all the laughs are on YOU! LOL!!!!!

                And get your English game right, because your writing skills are fucking atrocious you dumb bitch!

                Watch your back cuz I will be looking out for your fat ass, and may finish the job them chicks in high school started ;). Nawww…you aren’t worth it!!!!! LOL!!!!!

            • Okay so you back to claiming cali again???So name all the sets In your area??? Not the one obvious but the other obvious that follow the most obvious. Anyone and I mean anyone in the Crenshaw district know exactly what I mean.

          • I know at this point im just messing with him cause im bored. Claiming he from cali but dint know shyt about it.

            • You would not know a real dick from a fake one if they were in your face, but you are trying to talk shit?

              Bitch Please…

              Yeah you are boring as fuck.

              • It just finished raining in my area. It has been hot ALL fucking week!

                How the fuck are you going to tell me where I am?

              • Okay you just googled the weather.. lol ? how hard is that but you can’t name shyt that’s not on google or hard to find on google.

              • Bitch how would I know it JUST STOPPED RAINING…I know your brain does not work all the way, but damn how stupid can you really be?

                Don’t bother you just proved it! LOL!!!!

      • What is the paper bag test? I’m lighter than a paper bag and I’m still caramel, what’s your point. He is light skin, look up other videos and pictures.

        • Like I care…

          I don’t give a shit about this nobody, I commented, because you insecure twits have nothing better to do than keep the light/ dark divide going.

          • Soooooo you could not find the answer on google huh??? Like i said you aint from Cali!!!! Lol lying azz…

            • Can you not read on top of not being able to write?

              Re-read what I wrote and try to comprehend it this time…I know you are dumber than a box of rocks and all but reading comp is fundamental…you dumb twit!

              LMAO…I swear hating ass bitches don’t know when to quit.

              • One last thing you not getting off of here cause you think you won, you getting off here cause you tired. It’s 11pm where you really at but only 8pm over here. Lol ? ????Good night..

              • I did win…you are a dumbass and stupid people never prosper, except in their own mind!~LOL!!!!

          • Because you can google the weather, that’s how you know. My phone shows me the weather in every city in the world, what’s is your point? You know it’s raining buttttttttt missed the big azz train construction in your area? Like are you serious?

            You answering everything but what I’m asking you, you answering shyt that’s on google.

            I’m from Long Beach not LA and even I know more shyt in your supposedly area than you do. Stop claiming a city you ain’t from. And the sets are this simple 60’s, 40’s and 30’s amongst a host of other ones. But those are the most obvious that you should’ve known at the least!!! If you was really from there!!

            • Yeah, I can know the exact time it stopped raining through googling…whatever you say genius…that is sarcasm.

              Genius you are NOT…and I am not reading the rest of that shit, because you are sooooo fucking stupid, trying to understand that garble is useless.

              Google that word, since I am sure you have no clue what it means!!!! LOL!!!!

              Maybe that will keep you busy.

              • I dont know what that word mean but what i do know is he lightskinned and you not from Cali????

  5. Nah- most of the comments and responses were by Jacky, who has issues with lightskinned women, dark skinned women, and oh yeah- all women. Whenever a lughtskinned women didn’t check his rhyme and ripped him a new one, he got more and more bitter. Then mix that with all the other shit. So you got a man who writes everything on here but one of those “personalities” is a woman who laughs at his above anonymous comment. Y’all wake up. There is no one writing the dumbness on this site except Jacky. He just got lazy, more wack, and desperate. Fuck all y’all hoes, get a grip.

  6. How Jacky gonna be a pretend dusty-ass hating bitch. Lol! Y’all people who spend your lives parasiting off the moves and bread of others, while deep in those damp and dreary closets of yours- y’all need to go ride some unicorns or some shit.

  7. Both above comments written by one person- in case it’s not clear, the only fingers pointed are at that suspect homo Jacky.

    • Bitch I am not jackie…and you are a dumb MF to not see that MF has not been here in over a yr now.

      You need to take some meds and your fantasy land hatin’ ass on somewhere with the BS. Who has time to write that much shit about a MF they act like they could give a shit about?

      I personally am tired of light skin MFs (so-called men & women) acting like they are victims when they cause their own fucking probs most of the time…no one has time to be worried about the petty shit they feel hurt over.

      And the LOL is from the writer of the article who is hardly jackie, but why would we expect a dumb bitch like yourself to have common sense…smfh.

      • LMAO…which of them are with a dark nig?

        They don’t want your burnt up ass dummy, so you keep protecting them, while they shit on dumb ass nigs like you…lol.

        • So you saying my chances of getting a light skin queen is nil. I dont want to marry a darksin hairhat who is going to call our kids nigga and ashy and nappy. No lawd! I am going to ask Tyrese how he got such a beautiful mix women.


          • He got her because she is a nobody, who saw a way to come up.

            Trust me they don’t want your self-hating ass either.

            God willing trash like you will never procreate.

            • Better yet take some pills…no one would miss you.

              Including your mom, according to memory.

          • Lol… nooo all my dark skin friends are baddies and boujie, no where near viloent. Lol actually all woman are violent if you cheat!!!

            • Stop acting like you have many dark friends…aren’t you the same bitch who said you choose your DARK friends carefully?

              Like WTF does that mean, if you are soooo color-blind…

              I swear stupidity and insecurity are a bitch.

          • Al the light skin girls I know love dark skin men, so I don’t know what she talking about!

            • They have no choice, those dudes would cut a bitch if they turned them down….LOL!

              And WTF is Al…LOL!!!

          • The darker the berry the more violent the sista.

            You just made my day Reformist. I love your stuff.

        • So Jay Z not dark but this guy is??? Your stupid!!! This guy is much lighter than Jay z

          • Who said anything about gay-z?

            Bitch are you blind, stupid or crazy…wait why am I asking, you are ALL of the ABOVE! LOL!!!

            • And the word is you’re NOT your, you fucking moron.

              Learn how to write before you call anyone stupid…you twit!

          • And who said anything about him being dark…what I said is he is NOT light skin, because he is NOT…people like you are so fucking stupid to think there are only two complexions on the spectrum.

            Like I said he would NOT pass the paper bag test.

            Believe that!

            • But he is light skin!! He just look caramel in that video, which is still considered light. So I’m trying to figure out why you keep saying he not light. He light in that video and even lighter on other videos and pictures. Furthermore he looks mixed.

            • Yes I choose my dark skin friends carefully because some of them act like you!!! Evil!!! The white ppl and lil Wayne have messed y’all heads up and I ain’t got time to fix it. Just hang with the darkskin ppl that are pretty and that’s it!! Can’t f–k with ugly dark skin or fat ppl they too mean.

            • LMAO…bitch you are not on my level.

              Ignorance & stupidity does not live here, I would never say the shit you say about anyone and act like I am an innocent victim…

              Yeah, all you are is a victim alright and that is all you will ever be, because you play that card to anyone who will listen…please shut up now, you just keep reinforcing your sheer bias, stupidity and ignorance.

        • Figure out what the fuck you are trying to say before you type…

          Although, I know words aren’t your thing. LOL!

      • No you’re not Jacky, because that a girl’s name you decided fit you well. And you’ve given yourself away on so many levels, all those drugs really fried your brain, not just your face. #facemelt
        Also- your gayness is due to your hate for women. Wish mom was better much? Keep going, I got all day to keep peeling back the layers bitch. Go on, say something else homo bitch. Go find Keith to get you some relevancy again. Oh wait- cats STILL weren’t checking for for you. Sasha, I mean Jacky, I mean homo who thought a perm made him fly. Ol gay ass.

        • You would know all about drugs frying your brain!

          Dude get a fucking life! Yourz obviously is in the shit bowl!

  8. Lol as a dark skin, if anything we pity ur confused light skin ass lmao…bye bitch

    • Foreal so why do darkskin women like Venus williams, whoopi goldberg, get clowned while black men and women prostitue themselves for light skin colin kaepaernick. Black men are out here literally on the knees begging thr nfl to hire him…smdh

      • You can’t beg the NFL to hire you. You they throw and ball and if you’d azz can catch it they hire you. You can’t compare sports players to entertainers, they actually compete for there spots. You can’t fake being a good sports player

  9. I find him to be attractive. I’m tired of these unattractive rappers like: 21 savage, young thug, and migos. Yuck ?!

  10. I just looked him up again, this man is LIGHTSKIN!!!! He got many pics and videos standing next to Nipsey and they the same color. I’ve seen Nipsey in person and he is definetkydefinetly light. I think the fact that this guy skin color is covered in tats and facial hair, you can’t really tell how light he really is but he light. Got a beautiful daughter too.

  11. Nigga please u ain’t that damn light. Brown skin not light skinned.! I doubt anyone hated on him for his complexion

    • Oh shut up punk.

      There is hate on all sides. And if you don’t know the reason why, you really need to STFU…

  12. For all you fuckers acting like it is only a dark on light thing rae dawn chong’s bitch ass, said Oprah is a field N****r, with a fat girl complex.

    If that is not hate, explain what it is.

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