Michael Strahan Refuses to End Vacation to Report on Hurricane Harvey

michael strahan hurricane harvey

Michael Strahan is in some deep mess with ABC. The former NFL player and Houston native was asked by ABC to end his vacation early and return to Good Morning America to report on Hurrican Harvey, but he refused!

“ABC News asked Strahan to come home from his vacation. He’s from Houston. But he refused and is still floating around on a yacht in Greece somewhere. ABC is really upset with him.”

Sources also said ABC staffers “just cannot believe he didn’t come back.”

Instead of returning to work, he left this message for Houston on his Instagram.




    • That wake up call is coming sooner than you think!! He’s getting too big for his britches!!! Imagine that one….Telling ABC NO!?!? They’ll knock him down a peg or two!!! Just you wait.

  2. Fuck that sylvester the cat slobbering nig…they will find a way to let his ass loose…more than likely sooner than later.

  3. Just another black stereotype seeped in the truth….

    His black ass will do just enough; never nothin extra.

    Ha ha ha. I didn’t feel like spellin nothing rite so i skipped it.

  4. Michael Gayman is getting his booty blown out in Greece…of course he ain’t coming back nearly….I guess Nicole has a type first Eddie Murphy and then this fool….

  5. Im sorry, if hes on vacation, why do he have to stop what he doing to come back to work? Im so confused here!!!! How are they mad at him? So what if he from Houston. My whole family from Houston and PA and some did loose there houses. So I can say this. We told them 3 days before the storm hit sunday to get out, they choose to stay, as it got worst ww offered assistants and they choose to stay, so wtf he gotta leave his vacation for when the ppl there wasnt trying to leave and they had more than enough warnings????

    • Given the way you write it is hard to believe you own a business.

      It must be something where you don’t get paid to write.

      And who is he to bite the hand that feeds him? There are plenty of people who know better than to snub their nose at people who could give a shit about your priorities. If your employee said fuck you in what you felt was an emergency you would really let that shit slide? If so, good for you.

      I am not saying he is wrong, but those people don’t give a fuck about his “vacation”. They prob did it as a test and he just might have failed so he better hope he has some coins saved up…because as grandma said, hard heads make soft behinds.

      • How do you know i own a business? I do, and i do know how to read and write i just dont care enough to spell check on a blog site. My phone chooses some of the words, sometimes i hit the wromg keys, but im sure you smart enough to get what im trying to saying.

      • No the business i own dont require me to write or read alot. And I dont call my employees on they day off because the times i tried they dont answer they phones. I work the hell out of my staff so i cant be mad at them for not wanting to come to work on they day off. When its an emergency, the only ppl you should expect to give a f–k are the people invested. Hourly or salaried employees are okay with you firing them so they can sue or collect Unemployment. Just FYI since you would like to know.

        Entertainers have contracts and they can cut him but they still gone have to pay him, which is why he prob dont give a f–k

        • Don’t blame that shit on your phone…basic spelling and grammar skills are not hard to handle.

            • How is it a run on, dick?

              I can use ….to cut it off if I choose so fuck off, bitch!

          • Well sir you ate doing a goood job at being the spell checker, have fun!!

            Anyways, Just Fyi he also a retired NFL player who is getting a pension, i know this might be hard for yiu to believe but i dont think he in desperate need of ABC’s money. NFl players who get cut go broke the ones that retire and get they pension dont. So dont believe the hype! Plus he a commentator for the NFL as well. Stop hating and let that man live it up on his vacation. Him coming back to do an interview about houston aint gone stop the rain, make nobodys day or unflood anybodies house.

          • Im sorry i mean you are doing a good job at being the spell checker, maybe this blog site will hire you to spell check for them and fix run on sentences.?????

        • That MF better act like he cares…he is not just fucking with ABC…he is fucking with Disney and any kind of career outside of sports broadcasting they can shut down.

          When most of these dummies are let go or leave you rarely hear about them again.

          • He got an NFL pension! He good stop worrying about his funds because obviouslyy he not!

            • Fuck a pension, there are plenty of athletes who are broke.

              And I know he is not, that is why he is a dumbass!

              • Soooooo let me get this straight, he is a dumb azz because he not broke???? Is that really what you meant to say? Because if it is, you have a lot more to worry about than correcting spelling. You lack common sense and logic!! That man got chips with or without ABC. I’m not sure why that upsets you. ?

              • No dumbass, that is not what I said…please learn reading comprehension.

                Learning is your friend, but how would an idiot like yourself know that…smfh.

    • What happened in Houston is a tragedy and tptb are looking to blame someone. Christians via Osteen, the mayor, the city, this guy for not coming back to work. It’s crazy. People choose to stay like I choose to stay when a hurricane is coming my way. Get lots of food, water, close the shutters, get gas, hunker down. I’m used to it. Texas people are not and they have some bad low laying geography there. It’s tragic what happened and no need to point fingers. It’s good that Houston is fairly mixed and people are dealing with that situation.

  6. Abc released the story to embarass & shame him. See the grass isnt always greener. He shoulda stayed with that bitch kelly ripa at least his name on the door & they probably woulda left him alone to suck dicks in greece. He thinks he hard news now so they treat him as such.

    • Exactly. That came from either the network or people whose toes he’s stepping on. I hear he can be a diva. Ultimately they will replace them like they did Katie Couric and all of them. Tamron Hall left because of Meagan Kelley and now Meagan is tanking in ratings. These jobs have become short term. You would think he knows that.

  7. They don’t need to embarrass him.

    He does that every day of his life. He should have never been on tv in the first place, who gives elmer fudd a fucking show?

    Just another coon for the masses to make fun of.

  8. MS has 18 jobs, finally gets a vacation just before the start of the nfl season and abc hatin’ on him…

        • But the contract obviously gave him vacation time and he on it? Why does that make you angry? Lol you need a for real psychologist, you have to be 800 pounds with no friends, like wtf. You really have a lot of hate in your soul!!! I will pray for you tonight, this is ridiculous. You really angry he turned down overtime, while he on vacation. Lol ?

          • Only fat people call others fat so you need to worry about yourself whale.

            Pointing out how a fool and his money shall soon be parted, is not being mad…it is pointing out the truth.

            He is a dumbass to think he is running anything, they will put his ass in check one way or another or are setting him up and I say good for them because I really can’t stand his coon ass anyway.

  9. ‘Implied’ is a term some on this site need to understand. Although it might not technically be in your work contract, certain things regarding your job as a salaried person you may need to do in order to keep your job such as: 1) Attending your companies/boss’s holiday or winter solstice celebration 2) Attending your boss’s birthday or private anniversary party 3) Attending your companies summer employee celebration.

    Most successful people know that you create bad blood/microscopic questions analyzing your life by your boss co-workers/HR when you don’t attend.

    There’s a reason why the boss reviews the staff attendance list with HR for company events.

    Just sayin’

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