Derek Fisher Charged With DUI

derek fisher laura govan dui

After his rollover accident with girlfriend Gloria Govan in the car, Derek Fisher has officially been charged with two counts of DUI.

Derek, who was driving Matt Barnes’ Cadillac at the time, hit a guardrail on the freeway and flipped upside down. Neither of them was injured but Fisher was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Cops now say he had a blood alcohol content higher than 0.08.

Next time call a Lyft!


  1. Girl you should’ve stuck with your husband. Guys drive sober and slow when they love you. They drive drunk and reckless with they homeboys.

  2. DUI charge is fair for everyone that drives under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Derek is falling apart. He left his family for this woman. He needs to fix himself and start over with a nice unattached woman.

    • Yes, how he get this low, I don’t know. It’s like he doing everything backwards.

  3. Too many of these rich black men think they’re invincible. Millions of dollars and dozens of high price hoes does not make you immune from going to prison (Ask OJ). Soon most of these successful black men will get their n***er wake up call. It makes me angry that the black athletes today don’t learn from the mistakes made by the previous generation.

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