Cuba Gooding Jr. Back on Drugs! Has Meltdown @ Superbowl 50 Media Day

Cuba Gooding Jr. Superbowl 50

HSK Exclusive – We are getting exclusive word from behind the scenes, that Cuba Gooding Jr., a known troubled addicted, has fallen off the wagon, again.

Word is that, Gooding, having just finished an interview with Jamie Foxx for Foxxhole radio’s Superbowl 50 special, when he became agitated and began, “throwing water everywhere! Pouring coffee on the floor and kicking the chairs off the stage”. “It was nuts”, said a witness to the meltdown.

It all went down today, at Levi Stadium. There is video, and we are trying to get our hands on it now. So when TMZ or someone else comes with it, remember who told you first.

Stay Tuned!!!


    • ?OMG….Thank YOK Chris!
      Never is there a time when the HSK Family can't count on you to bring the heat AKA "what's real, the damn truth & something actually relevant & important! We love you so much????

      • OMG…Thank you Chris…really? I remember when you thought you were the queen of this blog with your lying ass and ýou NEVER spoke to Chris now you're grasping at straws desperately trying to befriend him cause everybody knows your full of shit.

        • ms reg please stfu,

          It was said that my comment to YOU was oddly deleted. I didn't curse or make vile venomous insults like you did. I simply dropped the truth about how some of us KNOW how internally close you are to this site. The same person who told me you deleted it had a copy it to repost at anytime. You'd be supprised to know some posters actually know each other, they know not all but most of the screen names are posted by you & they know why. I'm sure you'll delete this comment as well but it goes to show who the liar(s)
          are!!! Love & Light?

    • It was mentioned on other blogs I was actually surprised they gave recognition. The thing is this site used to give props to the old skool pioneers. His voice was amazing and EWF catalog is bananas.

  1. Cuz Chris, they don't know nun about that right there. No respect to the core of R&B. I didn't even see a mention of it on the news. Just wait until Monday for a brief mediocre mention of his life and musical contributions between the Super Bowl halftime show reviews and the presidential caucuses.

  2. Chris I grew up listening to EWF, but when I heard what Maurice did to Deniece Williams & the Emotions… I was disgusted. Maurice did the same shit to them sista's like the crooks who did him wrong over at Chess Records.

    • Hey Tommy…
      I never looked at it that way but you're right!
      And…I say this as an AVID Phil Collins fan.

  3. Well damn! I need to catch up! My crazy ass been ripping and running all week with doctor's appointments and paperwork that I missed the part Maurice White died?

  4. He must be back on that "white lady" Coke is a hell of a drug..
    When coming down off that high, you get angry, unless you have more to do.. Cuba is another self hating black man.. Get it together man… LMAO

  5. Isn't it disappointing how a handful of black men are hired/expected to act in all these films over and over year after year? It takes away from the subject matter. Hollywood recruits new ones when the older actors are deemed nonprofitable. They are doing this with Chad. Come on. An icon like Jackie R and then turn around and make JB look crazy. Lately I have been going on You Tube to watch 'unknown' 'unpublicized' black movies. Much better quality of entertainment with themes not just shock value and exploitation. Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned stars Laurence F. and it's a must see!

  6. That picture tho….if u look up the definition of turned up u will find that pic. …let Cuba live he getting that people vs oj. Money & fukin these whites bizzies as long as he show up on time & don't say nothing about Jews he'll be cool.

  7. The OJ Miniseries on FX has gotten a lot of buzz and ratings, so, he's amped up on Caine, Heroin, Meth, Ecstasy…Whatever! After seeing (Boyz In The Hood) back in the day, thought he would be somebody worth supporting…Not! Another victim of Hollyweird, add him to the list of wasted lives in entertainment.

  8. I just saw the video on youtube yesterday. He was just goofin around, Jamie joined in too.

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