Will Packer Rocks The Scales of Justice: Dumped By Powerhouse Firm Kilpatrick Townsend!

Will Power Packer Kilpatrick Townsend!
HSK Exclusive – The latest word on Will Packer reveals the Hollywood movie producer is on the hunt for a stellar legal firm to rep him in court. This, after being dropped by the prestigious Kilipatrick Townsend & Stockton — a legal firm recognized for repp’in clients like Google and Sony.

Sources say each and every respected legal team Will Packer sought to for legal defense advised him to settle his lawsuit with his investors, “because he’s going to lose in court.”

“In a society governed under the rule of law, Kilpatrick Townsend lawyers have an obligation to make sure the legal system works, especially for the disadvantaged.” — Kilpatrick Townsend

According to an insider, if Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton — and award-winning team of super attorneys in 17 offices worldwide — advised Will Packer to settle out of court, he should have listened to them. The source pointed to the “arrogant, narcissistic ways of Will Packer as the reasons why he’ll end up being forced to come outta pocket more than he owes.

“Will’s got a Mickey Mouse legal team reppin’ him right now. Deep down in his heart, he knows that they’re going to lose in court.”

The drop:

“When Will’s lawsuit is over and done with, all Hollywood executives are going to know that Will Packer is nothing more than a gigantic poisonous snake from the Florida Everglades.


  1. So a blind man could see that this crooked ass nigga is going to lose his court case.

  2. I'm so tired of hearing about this dudes story. Way to much press on this foolishness week after week.

  3. Once this cat loses in court he'll be the guest of another courtroom….
    Bankruptcy Court. There is where he'll do his damnedest to get from under that huge judgment coming his way in addition to the attachment of any wages &/or assets he may have. What a moron!

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