Cardi B Called Out For Diva Attitude; Blasts Promoter and Haters!

Cardi B is not happy about people calling her a one hit wonder (who TF is calling her that???). She says she’s, ‘been rapping and working hard’ for her name before we even knew who she was.

Nonetheless, she is allegedly acting like a diva during club performances, with a promoter recently blasting Cardi, claiming the club had to spend an additional $19,000 just to get to the event in order not to disappoint the fans. The club promoter claims Cardi was rude, unprofessional and unapologetic.

@iamcardib acting like a #diva

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  1. The black community stay championing dumb assness. Bowack , Bojangles, bozos… dumb ass music.

  2. This ugly hood rat stay hating on dark skin women n black men still supporting this whore

  3. Don’t know who she is but she seems very basic to me. Is this what we are calling ‘beauty’ now? She’s just light skinned. Where is the shock and awe regarding her persona cause I can’t see it. I don’t even want to know how she sounds.


    P.S. Yes ‘Boobie’ I am hating today ?

  4. @Scorpiess Cardi is not light skinned. She is Dominican/Trinidadian and denounces anything Black. She does not identify with any Afro American roots, so why the hell are you trying to bring this loud mouth skank into the fold? Second I am sick of dark skinned women bad mouthing light skin women, it’s a coon and plantation mentality. I am not ashamed of my skin color just like you shouldn’t be both are and should be embraced. The pure foolery of because you’re light skinned you don’t age well so that applies to any everybody right?

    • You say that shit, but you do know light skinned people play into the BS too right?

      I have been to areas in the south where you can feel the tension, hate and blatant disrespect of dark skinned people by those with light skin…

      I had a light skin bitch who was supposedly my friend tell me to my face dark skinned people smell different ( I am thinking she did not feel I was dark because I have a med complexion)..WTF does that mean! Especially because she was fat as fuck and stunk from not being able to wash her ass properly outside of whatever other smell she thought she emanated that was superior.

      So when you talk about coon and plantation mentality it GOES BOTH WAYS and even moreso on the light skin side because for some reason many of you fuckers still think you are better when you aren’t.

      This is why I say before we start embracing anyone else we still have a lot of shit to work out within our own community.

      • When you say “you fuckers” you are part of the problem too. You don’t know me but yet you ASSUME that I think I am better. It goes both ways. Had you read my comment in the essence of understanding you would have ascertained that I am in agreement with cutting out the bs and coming together. But you contradict yourself when you say we need to fix our own then make a comment that totally unravels that.

        • I don’t give a shit about you personally and I say you fuckers because that is exactly what I mean…

          You contradicted yourself too so stop the madness, nice try to deflect from the BS you said that unravels your lame point as well.

          You can’t call out one group which is what you did, w/o knowing where all that shit comes from and that is my point, while pointing out you bitches are not saints either.

    • Happily I know not one thing about this person other than that she makes nasty comments about dark skinned women. I really could care less.

    • proly a deal with her record label is what’s getting her fake bookings and she probably forces club appearance venues to let her perform to seem like ppl actually want to hear her lol

  5. We knew it was coming. All that blowing up goes straight to their heads and don’t forget the drugs and alcohol that goes along with it. She is probably gonna tap into that market that Joseline was going after.

  6. I guess im the only person in América who thinks her one song is wack… Sounds like she has a dicc in her mouth when she talk… Kodak did that song betta…. Poor copy cat of nicki…

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