Boxer Adrien Broner Admits To Police That He Cheats On His Fiancé While Cameras Roll

Boxer Adrien Broner flat outs admits to police that he cheats on his fiancé Arie Nicole aka @misslouiebags. Arie had always denied the allegations or brush them off, but now we have proof thanks to the man himself.

Take a listen look at the police body cam footage below:

The full video is also worth a laugh or two:


  1. She wont leave cuz the money too good. U might as well not have even written this story cuz aint shit gon happen

  2. Just listening to him negotiate with the police as he is thrown into the back of the paddy wagon is sad. The police were laughing. BM need to STFU under all circumstances unless it’s private and no one hears it except themselves! Damn.

  3. He got his nigga wake up call….Yeah you’re a millionaire and u still ain’t sh!t at the end of the day

  4. Broner says ” imma celebrity.. The cop s says ” really i dont no u.. Lmbo.. I almost fell out my car laughing.. Like dude just shut up….im getting embrassed for u…#mayweatherWAnnaB

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