?? Phaedra Rips Into Kandi Over Her OLG Restaurant in Part 2 of RHOA Season 9 Reunion

By part two of the reunion, apparently Phaedra is already done playing nice with Kandi and is ready to take the gloves off. With the tipping point being the mentioning of Mama’s Joyce’s unhealthy obsession with her divorce, watch as Phaedra bites back by ripping into Kandi over her struggle OLG restaurant in this scene from the next round of the Season 9 reunion.


  1. I knew it wouldn’t be long before K had to share the riches with her family in a bigger way. That taste of fame where they were constantly filmed must have made them want a slice of the pie. Thus we have the latest celebrity restaurant in ATL. Unless they are there cooking and serving – I don’t see the novelty of it. What they ought to do is come to So Cal who doesn’t have enough soul food restaurants.

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