Mel B Sued for Defamation By Nanny Who Claims They Had 3-Way Sex

Mel B seduced the nanny who is now suing her … plying her with alcohol when she was just an 18-year-old foreign exchange student and had group sex with her … this according to a new lawsuit.

Lorraine Gilles has just filed the lawsuit we told you about this morning, claiming Mel B defamed her by saying she was having an affair with Mel B’s now estranged husband Stephen Belafonte who got her pregnant and then convinced her to have an abortion.  Giles says it’s a pack of lies.

According to the suit, Gilles says Mel B portrayed as a “homewrecker, prostitute, and extortionist, maliciously describing Gilles as being impudent, unscrupulous, and exploitative.”

Giles says in her defamation lawsuit Mel B explained to her shortly after coming to America she and Belafonte had an open relationship.  That was around the time Mel B, then 34, got her drunk and then had a 3-way with Gilles and Belafonte.

Giles goes on to say “at no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without Brown’s knowledge or participation and at no point did Giles and Belafonte represent to Brown that Giles was pregnant with Belafonte’s child.”

Word is there is much more to come out about this story… Stay tuned!!!!


  1. OMG, these woman are stupid AF!!!!! Why Does the nanny think this story sounds any better than the first one?

    • According to Mel, she was forced by Stephen and that the nanny is holding sex tapes for Stephen implying she is helping with the blackmail. The nanny is striking back saying the sex they had was not forced since they had an open marriage and it’s possible sex occurred between the two without Stephen present. There are many pics of these two together on boats, etc. I think Mel overplayed her cards and should have just kept it at the nanny having tapes and that’s it. To say the sex was forced is now questioned.

  2. I wouldn’t want a public divorce. It’s stressful enough ending a long relationship with a man that has fathered your child. Now mix in extra women and sexual stuff and attorneys rub their hands together in joy expecting the big payday. I’d be on some island in the south pacific till it blows over and I wouldn’t be suing anyone or making statements.

  3. Well of course, this was obvious. No one seriously just thought that woman was “just” a nanny, and noting more did they? No woman is going to have a woman that attractive in her home, around her husband, watching her kids. This is fairly common in Hollywood. Lots of celebrities are having three ways with their kids “nannies” aka sex slaves. Mel B’s story is beginning to fall apart more and more.

  4. If you are married you get a nanny who looks like Alice from The Brady Bunch or you lose your man.

    Just ask Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner.

    • Hey, even an Alice looking female would take a married man if she wanted too. Probably more of a threat because she’s “low radar”. You never see that one coming… Just ask Ahnold the Terminator.

    • Precisely. But then again there is that Arnold maid and she bore him a child. I think you have to hire a male nanny. Then again the hubby might be DL. Maybe just raise the kid without nannies, what a concept.

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