Bill Cosby Calls Out Black Comedians For Turning Their Backs on Him!

Bill Cosby is not happy that the comedians that he’s paved the way for has not been supporting him through his legal issues.. He and his team are concerned that people are trying to harm Bill by poisoning his food while staying at a hotel..

“He and his wife are afraid that if he stayed at a hotel, someone will find a way to poison him, put something in his food. He’s blind, so that makes him even more vulnerable to [being] poisoned or to having someone sneak into his room.”

Bill has been accused of sexually assaulting sixty different women at different times and now he’s paranoid that he will be drugged if he drink from water fountains or someone maybe bugging his hotel room…

“He’s thinking and his team is thinking, if he’s put in a hotel room, someone will find out which room he’s staying in and they’ll put a bug or a device in the room.”

According to a source, the comedian also feels that some of the comedians whom he helped to build their own careers only on (ie Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Sinbad) have not supported him.

“Guys like Murphy, Lawrence and Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, guys that he paved the way for- they won’t offer any support.”

The source adds:

“He can’t even pay people to come and support him. He’s been told that agents have informed their clients that their careers would be over if they got involved. We’re not asking anyone to testify. We are asking those whom he’s helped, maybe they can call or come sit in the courtroom and see for themselves what’s happening before turning your back.”

Reportedly, he also feels as if some civil-rights leaders have abandoned him. “Jesse [Jackson] claims to have forgotten Bill’s number and Al Sharpton won’t even return his phone calls. Both of them were vocal in their support of Michael Jackson and the charges against Mike involved kids. So, is this really that toxic when you compare the two? Any other time they’d at least rally to say something about innocent until otherwise proven.”


  1. Oh my, this is pretty sad. I know he paved the way for Sinbad. But didn’t think he had positive things to say about Eddie, Martin etc because of the vulgarity of their comedy.

    Could always cook ur own food.

    • It is amazing how negroes expect to be supported, by other blacks, eventhough they are rapist, murderers, and low lifes GUILTY AS HELL!

      • Bill Cosby has been ACCUSED, not CONVICTED of a crime. You do understand that in America you are innocent until PROVEN guilty? Why don’t you let the man have his day in court before jumping to conclusions.

        I believe THE MAJORITY of these women consented to a sexual encounter and thought it would help their career. It’s called the casting couch, which is still alive and well in Hollywood.

        Most of these women willingly went to his hotel room and a few RETURNED for subsequent encounters! Now 30 years later they believe they were raped? No way. I believe it was consent and later regret that they didn’t get their 15 minutes of fame…so a lot of them are piling on with accusations, hoping for a what? A HUGE PAYDAY.

        • If you believe that I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you.

          People like you are so pathetic to not see what is right in front of your face even when this pile of waste said what he did in a deposition…just sick, sad and pathetic.

          • And people like you swallow every LIE the media tells them because it’s too damn hard to think for yourself.

            In YOUR WORLD I guess it’s a stretch to believe that folks will line up in droves when they think they can cash in and make a buck off someone.

            If you think 30 – THIRTY – WHITE WOMEN waited THIS LONG to say THEY WERE RAPED BY A BLACK MAN I’ll show a tree the wind hasn’t touched.

            Because one thing HISTORY has shown over and over again…is that a white woman’s word against a black man in or out of court will win every time…no matter WHO the man is…so what in the hell took them so long to get justice?!

            • Can you read? Obviously NOT!

              What I believe is what that old raping perve said OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH in his DEPOSITION TAPES…fucking idiot.

              He did that shit and you are a moron for going hard for a raping POS!

    • My question is WHERE ARE the WHITE FOLKS YOU HELPED MAKE RICH? Surely they should have SOMETHING good they could say on your behalf?

      Bill Cosby went to MARTHA STEWART’S trial and sat behind her defense team to send the subliminal message that America’s Favorite Dad was in her corner. WHERE IS SHE AT NOW?! Why hasn’t she said something, even if it was that you have been a dear and wonderful friend over the years?

      Michael Jackson, OJ, Tiger Woods, Janet Jackson and now Cosby all get their ninja wake up call when they find themselves in trouble. White folks get GHOST when the grits hit the fan.

      Therefore, we should remember that when we get a few coins, wear better clothes, live in upscale neighborhoods and hobnob with the so called movers and shakers…Don’t shit on your own people when you’re up then expect their love and support when you’re down.

  2. daaaaam thats messed up, he def paved way for a lot of black actors, actresses and models that are around today. at least half of black hollywood would not be where they were if it was not for Bill, goes to show you that Niggaz you think would have your back will turn against you faster than anything for their own asss… in America you are innocent until proven guilty, most likely he is going to end up winning this case easily, there are lack of physical evidence in play however the damage is that the media really focus on trying to tarnish his legacy… the only black positive show that you can look at and see positive role models n shiit is being destroyed… I think its a conspiracy, seriously, Jerry Sandusky and all these White men that actually did rape were treated like innocent people and they actually did it.. Cosby never raped them bitches,they were only using him for fame for years which is why they never said shiit,all of a sudden they got on a bad waggon to destroy his name smh

    • Drugging women and taking advantage of them was common in Hollywood. The rat pack, all those guys did the same as Bill. The difference is that somewhere along the way, Bill pissed off the wrong people and now they are going after him. None of those people have pristine reputations and everyone has a dossier they can pull out to ruin your life. Not defending Bill, but that’s that nasty life and they all know it. Look how they celebrate the child rapist and beg and cry to let him back in the country.


        • Back in the day I thought he was sh*ttin on black people saying go to college, don’t sag your pants, hip hop music will destroy the youth, blah, blah, blah. In hindsight, he was right. Even Tupac said, one day we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies. I’m not saying it’s for everybody but I definitely get what he meant. now

          • You really think that is why most blacks are where they are now?

            Read some real history books and understand how systematic racism & oppression effects people and try again.

      • You need to get a CLUE and stop reducing race matters to a deck of cards! Cause white folks have been dealing them from the bottom of the deck since they STOLE LAND FROM NATIVE AMERICANS AND STOLE BLACKS TO BUILD THIS COUNTRY FOR FREE.

        Do you accuse joos of playing the anti sem card when they talk about the HOLO everyDAY?!

  3. Bill’s got twelve houses; he doesn’t need to stay in any hotel room. He’s right where his trial is going to be. He’s got cooks, butler and maids. I’m sure his cook can fix his meals. Bill needs to remember: He spent a good amount of time tearing down black people while drugging and raping (black) women. He looks down on black people and says the way we raise our children and the way we dress, and on and on, is not right. He’s very vocal in his dislike of his own race. Michael never tore down his raise, even though he changed his color. Michael was beloved. Bill’s rants and tirades against the black race did nothing to endear him to us. Maybe that’s why Al and Jesse aren’t supporting him. Maybe there’s some truth to what some of these women have said. I know Camille knows because she signed the check(s) and looked the other way.

    • He needs to start downsizing and securing his money for his family. This is not about justice. This is about money and they will drain him out.

      • I hope they drain him out for every single penny and give it to poor blacks as reparations

        • Lol, yea they are going to drain his money and give it to poor blacks. Smh, give me what ever your smoking.

        • Be careful about wishing others harm:

          “If you set a trap for others, you will get caught in it yourself. If you roll a boulder down on others, it will crush you instead.” Proverbs 26:27

    • He’s was never vocal on disliking his own race. He only wanted the best for his people. Why are you siding With these white cave women? They wouldn’t spit on you if you were in fire! We need to unite and back Bill Cosby Just like the whites united In favor of Sandusky, Brian singer, woody Allen and john travolta!

        • Sorry Charlie Sheen. Knew he had HIV and was still sleeping with women. Could be looked at as attempted murder. Disgusting. Not much backlash.

          • I was gonna say. Jonny likes a good rub and tug but apart from that I’d heard nowt. Yeah Charlie Sheen is a c u Next Thurssday for doing what he did to those girls but then it DOES take two to tango …

            Those girls should have insisted he wrapped his junk up!

      • White people are completely disgusted by Jerry Sandusky and he has a better chance of being killed in prison than Cosby would ever have.
        I have never met a white person who doesn’t wish Sandusky should rot in prison for the rest of his life. Woody Allen was never charged with a crime, so the circumstances are different. But even so, his reputation as a leading director has plummeted and ony his inner circle of actors still cape for him. Polanski is a pariah who will live the rest of his life in exile. He is not beloved by anyone except the Jack Nicholson crowd.

        Here is the real story on Cosby if anyone here has an open mind to hear it:

        The media was well aware of his sexual proclivities for well over 30 years. They protected his image because the Joos felt it was imperative to hold him up as a role model and inspiration for the black community. Exposing him with the truth would cause great damage and demoralize millions of people.
        So they kept mum about it until Hannibal Buress spilled the beans publicly. At that point they would appear derelict in their responsibilities to continue to protect him.

        The conventional wisdom expressed here that the white establishment took him down is in fact the opposite of what really happened.

        • The add on to that is they stopped protecting his ass, because he wanted a piece of NBC and those same “protectors” you mentioned were not having it.

        • I’m with you up to a point. Joos didn’t expose Bill Cosby’s affairs and the rumors surrounding him because of M-O-N-E-Y. They were making TOO MUCH off of him and with him to stop the gravy train.

          Problem is just what you said. He forgot his “place,” and dared to leave the plantation and tried to own it.

    • its bad on both ends , why would you go to some celebrity’s hotel room alone or use pic of you and he in your pajamas, or enen take pills from him as one woman did. why take his money or stay in some apartment he set up. some of the testimonies are terrible at best. yes he is a lech but still as a woman you could use better judgement and not let him have a hall pass because he is rich then claim rape or sexual harassment later. and yes i think he is guilty of something shady but these women see money and oportunity also.

  4. Boule Bill knows the deal. Sigma Pi Phi (boule) and the prince hall masons work to serve the best interest of white supremacy. If any of the black elite publicly supported boule Bill, there would suddenly be dozens of white female crisis actresses falsely accusing them of rape. None of the black bourgeoisie want to lose their house slave status. They want to stay on good terms with massa.

  5. Boule Bill, OJ Simpson and Tiger Woods have had painful losses and set backs because of one reason; white bitches. Black men I have a wonderful idea; STAY AWAY FROM WHITE BITCHES!

    • We need to stop big upping these white women. Especially when they admit to showering a few times a week. Talking about showering too much is no good for you. Gtfoh!

    • NBA is fixed these stupid ass blk men will never keep their ass fro those sluty ass white women they get just what they deserve fucking with them pink toes hoes

  6. Build up and destroy. THEY have the power and they always show they do. So who is next after William?

    • When President Johnson signed the equal rights bill and called for 30 years of Affirmative Action for Blacks to put wealth into the community, WHITE RACIST DELIBERATELY overlooked decent,talented, moral black men in favor of the immorale low lifes of the community like Bill Cosby. WHY???

      What better way to show the world that all blacks are degenerate, immorale fools.

      That’s why you will see ALL OF THEM fall one by one and make all of us look like low lifes in front of the world.

      • Jordan fell when he married that white racist cuban. He been voodooed and crying every since LOL

        Tiger Woods thought he could use and disrespect white women like he does black women.

        • Naw when she whooped him with the “golf club” and made him crash because he was cheating, nobody said a word. How come she didn’t get charged with domestic violence? Later she walked away with almost 200 Mil (unearned) and 2 kids (having kids still don’t count for that much unearned money). I’m sure he had a prenup in place, too.

          • He gave her that money and did not want to press charges because he knew he was in the wrong.

            His life has been shit since, because his mental game is fucked up, from him staying doped up on all those pills.

  7. Bill ain’t nobody told you to rape all them white woman. How they supposed to help you?

    • he probably so stupid he thought he was justified because white men raped black women in slavery.

  8. fuck bill he should have keep his pants up fuckin with those old ugly azz white women

  9. Maybe this is why they waited so long to destroy this man . If they had tried this awhile back we’d all remember how raping white women was how they justified lynching a nigga . At this stage only the people that have not bothered to investigate on their own believe that Bill Cosby had to rape those whores . The last case that was within limitations was investigated by LAPD and come to find out her and Bill wasn’t in the same state much less the same motel room yet not much was said about that . As a black person think of course they want to bring down Bill Cosby . As a man think about if you had to prove your innocence after 30+ years .

    • Exactly. Do you know where you were 4 weeks ago on the first Tuesday of the month, let alone knowing where you were 10, 15, 20 years ago. This is a lynching, a way to spread the wealth to women who haven’t earned it.

      • That is simply no true. This is a criminal case. There is no money involved.

        IF any women should choose to sue civilly after the criminal case is adjudicated, Cosby’s umbrella policy will pay the damages. They do not come from his personal “legacy money.” Doesn’t anyone here read the news?

        Rather than blaming white women for this, why doesn’t anyone ever discuss that it was a BLACK comic who brought all Cosby’s dirty laundry into the spotlight in the first place? He had been quietly paying off the women he raped for 30 years. No one gave a shit. But Hannibal Burress said he was sick and tired of Cosby’s pontificating to the black community about morals and behavior when he was such a foul individual, so he snitched to the whole world on tape.

        Yet the blame is still on money hungry white women who haven’t even sued him,The women he actually has paid off thus far were all biracial and black. And the one who stands to get the most should she sue civilly is a lesbian biracial coach from Temple University…NOT a white floozy tramp.

        • Oh please! Ever last one of those WHITE JEZEBELS are lining up, piling on and waiting on a BIG PAY DAY…and they don’t care WHO or WHERE it comes from. If these women were black this case NEVER would of seen the light of damn day and Cosby would still be considered America’s Favorite Dad.

          • No he would NOT!

            And the fact you admitted that shows how fucked up yours and most people’s view of this & any situation around rape is. Drugging and raping ANYONE no matter the race is NOT OKAY!

            There are more than a few of those women who don’t want anything from him…so stop acting like you know how ALL of them feel.

            • YOU need to STOP acting as if you know how they feel. And you need to read and COMPREHEND before you respond. I never said drugging anyone was okay.

              My point was that the media takes a DIFFERENT and more harsh view when “victims” are white women than when they are black. THAT IS A HISTORICAL FACT!

              And white women screaming rape is nothing new when it comes to black men. WAKE THE HELL UP.

              • LMAO…If that were the case he would have been under the jail decades ago, when the first dozen women reported his RAPING ASS…please STFU and stop trying to backtrack.

                You rape defenders make the most idiotic points and act like it is gospel but when you get called out on your ignorant idiocy try to flip shit around…please.

              • I swear I can’t wait for your old ass to cross over and be beat upside the head with the truth, you OLD rape defending bitch!

  10. Even if he’s found not guilty his legacy is ruined and those females won’t suffer any consequences that’s the bitch of it all

    • FUCK Coshog!

      He ruined his own legacy. No one told him to invite random women to places, drug and rape them! They are already suffering the consequences of being in his presence, asshole!

      He could have kept his raggedy, MARRIED ass at home!

      I hope they throw his old, nasty, raping ass under the jail!

      • The lowest rapist on the planet disables you, knocks you out and invades your lifeless body in every orifice on your body without permission. They probably woke up with all his nasty body secretions (sweat, cum, piss, shit) all over them and him grinning like nothing happened!

        • The dirtiest, foul, rapist does all of those things to you and 40 other chicks and you wait 25 years to report it?

          • Stop talking out your ass…some of those women reported it when it happened and they were dismissed.

            And if someone raped you back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70. 80’s shit in some cases today it is an uphill battle…let alone someone who may not even know what the fuck happened to them because they were drugged to unconsciousness, dumbass.

        • There is no way in hell it would take me…let alone 30 OTHER WOMEN 30 YEARS to report RAPE! Those women were NOT RAPED.

          They were playing the same damn game SOME actresses are playing today…CASTING COUCH COOTCHIE. And if HIS CHARACTER is being called into question, so should THEIRS.

          • Shut Up unless you have reported a rape and it the person was tried for it.

            It is sooo easy for you fuckers to holler I would x,y,z when you are NOT the one in the situation.

            And let’s say you did report and nothing was done, what the fuck would you do then?
            Because some of those women did report it and nothing was done, because of who this MF is…so have several seats with your monday morning quarterbacking ass.

            • This is a blog…not court. And if my comments bother you, SCROLL THE FUCK PAST THEM. Have a nice day.

              • I can call out BS if I choose and since you did not bother responding…I call BS on ALL of your comments HERE!

  11. Yes Bill cuz you thought they were your friend. They still get paid by TPTB so they aint gonna mess up their money for you!

  12. its a double edged sword. yea its a conspiracy activated against him but the same time he was foolin around with some of those broads…it alreeady came out he payed off some of the broads in the past so no, if i was the boule niggaz i wouldnt fukk wit him either. His ass know good damn well if this was murphy al sharpton etc, his ass would be doing the same shit. sittin back not saying shit.

    see trump is smart, he never payed off broads bcuz he knew that could come back to haunt him. you take this shit to court and most of the time the broad is either lying or over exaggerating either way its usually not enough evidence and/or you outspend they ass in court. thats why the shit on trump never stuck, he didnt have a history of paying broads..

    cosby still livin like a bourgeoisie nigga. no nigga nobody give a fukk enough about you at this point to poision ur food. either way you got so much money this shouldnt be a problem. hire someone to cook ur shit and insist u have ur people watch them cook it, diva style.

    the twist of this story is cosby will be acquited LOL

    • He paid NOT payed them because he DID IT!

      He said as much in his deposition…again if he would have kept his dick in his pants and knock-out drugs to himself in the first place, he would not have anything to worry about now!

  13. 30 years is a long time to try to prove anything. What kind of circumstantial evidence do these women have after all this time that would lead to a conviction? This case bothers me because any woman could come after any man and say that he raped her years later.

    • BINGO! The prosecutor knows this too which is why they stacked the deck against his ass with that jury they selected.

    • You really should STFU…he is being charged with a rape that happened in the 2000’s not 30 years ago…many of those women’s claims who DID report it when it happened back then, were dismissed by the police & DAs, because rape is hard to prove and I am sure even moreso when you do NOT know what actually happened to you because the asshole drugged you.

      He deserves everything he is getting…and there should NEVER be a statute of limitations on RAPE, because if it happened to any of you or your family you would want that person to be tried for it no matter when the allegations came out!

      • No, you shut the fuck up. Stop defending these bitter bitches because they opened their legs to get on top. Many of them were so damn money hungry that they took settlements. They should give all that money back.

        Again, I would not want a female/ females coming after a male family member years later on some bitter shit. This is all a conspiracy to destroy his legacy and they succeeded.


          He is a MARRIED MAN DUMMY!!!!

          What the fuck is he doing for damn near 60 YEARS inviting women ANYWHERE, DRUGGING THEM TO UNCONSCIOUSNESS AND VIOLATING THEM…

          DO you have any fucking idea how hard it is to get a rape conviction against one of the most powerful men in the industry? NO YOU DO NOT…so do not judge someone for something YOU have never been through.

          The fact that he settled shows a level of guilt outside the FACT he admitted to carrying drugs around with him!

          WAKE THE FUCK UP, because stupidity is not just being DUMB it is blinding and deafening too.

          • Do you really believe these women? They all have the same story, they came for a script reading a 3am, was not feeling well/ had headaches and asked him for asprin! They all have the same dumbass story! Nope, I’m not convicting him without due process. Even phylicia Rashad came out in defense of him. She also thinks it’s a conspiracy to ruin his legacy and dumbasses like you are allowing it!

            • Are you really so stupid as not to know how a serial rapist operates? Don’t answer I already know how stupid you are..

              Why don’t you do that and answer your own moronic question…it is fuck rags like you who gives a POS like cospig a pass that makes all of us look like we cannot decipher truth from the race card BS.

              Fuck that old bag rashad and fuck you too for siding with a rapist…who said how he operates OUT OF HIS OWN MOUTH IN HIS DEPOSITION TAPES!

              Listen to those dipshit and you will see that MF has a pattern which is what serial rapist do…you FUCKING IDIOT!

      • The OPERATIVE WORD IS C-H-A-R-G-E-D. Learn how to connect the damn dots BEFORE telling folks to shut up. What are you? Two? And again, it shouldn’t of taken all those women 30 YEARS to claim rape from some shit they say happened in the damn 70s and 80s. They give women that actually have to live with this a bad name. THOSE HOES WANTED TO GET PUT ON AND IT BACKFIRED.

        • You and MYSDUMBSHIT are morons, CANNOT READ & obviously know NOTHING about the case.

          Try reading the comment and try again, because you have said NOTHING that relates to what I SAID!

          • The main women who is suing bill admitted that after the so-called incident she continued to speak to him and gave him a sweater as a gift! Since you are so fucking smart, explain why a woman would continue speaking with her alleged rapist and giving him gifts?

            Perhaps you need to read up on the case as well!

            • Hey RETARD!!!!

              What about rape case and suing are two separate things do you not understand?

              The RAPE CASE he is being CRIMINALLY tried for happened in the 2000’s.

              There are women who stay with and go back to abusers all the time, like his wife. What bitch stays with a man she knows has done low down dirty shit with other women, while being married? Some people think she is as loony as you seem to be.

              And who are you to judge how someone deals with trauma? She may be an opportunist or she could be fucked up in the head. Even so there are still 50+ other women (that we know about and gawd only knows how many we don’t) who are clearly traumatized by their experience.

              If you had any intelligence at all you would do the research on how many victims a rapist/pedophile has before they get caught and in their lifetime, then your dumbass would NOT be so glib, uniformed & just plain stupid about the number this fucker has racked up.

  14. All of this talk about boule Bill being accused of rape; meanwhile a white boy name Brock Turner was convicted of rape and didn’t spend on single day in prison.

    • They do not get it. White men have been raping women for centuries and have gotten slaps on the wrist. This case is displaying how black people are followers and always siding with white people. Also reinforces the notion that white people do not like the idea of black men fucking their women and having too much power.

        • WE GET IT.

          We just know better than to defend a RAPIST of any color…only small-minded morons think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander….BS!

          It is ALL wrong and I hope this MF as well as all other rapists gets his come uppins’ now and in the here after.

          AND ANYONE who THINKS it is OK to DEFEND a rapist is just as much of a PILE OF WASTE as that rapist.

          • Defending a rapist. He has not be found guilty of being a rapist. Why are you saying he’s a rapist and it has not been proven? I hope the day does not come in which you are condemned without getting your due process.


            • STFU DUMB BITCH…

              You RAPE DEFENDERS are so transparent it is sickening.


              Which is FAR FROM INNOCENT, besides the fact HE IS MARRIED!

              So what the fuck is he doing going anywhere with random women?


              Since you are such a supporter why don’t you spend some time with him take that drugged drink and come back and tell us how gentle he was with you…FUCKING RETARD!


              • ^^Where did I say that you old dried up & out cow?
                Take the cataract out youreye and learn HOW TO READ AND COMPREHEND ENGLISH BEFORE YOU RESPOND…you dead cat rat!

  15. Bill I’m so happy you got your wake up call,why should black comedians help you,you’ve done nothing but sit on that high horse,looking down on other blacks,thinking you could do such ratchet shit To These woman,and it would never be found out,what you do in the dark will come to the light,Mr big shot!

  16. Maybe he sold his soul …get rich, I’ll keep you out of trouble, but when you get a big head, you watch your step. The wrongs they helped you through will come back to haunt you. They may harm your love ones, if that don’t work, you may die. Dying may be physical or your reputation.

  17. @ anonymous, can we have a cordial discussion without all the foul language?

    Also, the jury is deadlocked after 4 days. This is not an open shut case like everyone thinks. This woman is not a credible. The defense has poked holes all throughout her testimony.

    • Who the fuck said it would be open and shut?

      Rape cases are always he say she say and are hard to win unless the perp is a registered sex offender.

      He had a 6 minute BS ass defense…and no human being is perfect so poking holes is a matter of interpretation.

      I could give a rat’s ass if he gets off everyone will still know he is a predatory raping POS.

    • And FYI not being charged does NOT mean he did not or has not been preying on weak, drug addicted, stark struck women his entire career!

  18. @anon is clearly white or Uncle Tom and typical white ppl brown noser and media whore. Brainwashed to max and unawakened – beyond help. I agree with Mama and Mystique. This is a setup and if he was white, it all would have been handled differently. Just look at these old money hungry whores and even Constands friends testified that she is hoping for some extra cash. I call bs on their stories and all of them sound alike and were bitter cause their fugly faces didn’t grant them a career after the casting couch incident. They’re doing to him what they were doing to all powerful black leaders like MJ. I’ll love Bill Cosby Show forever. Fuck also that opportunist Jewish cunt Lisa Bonet. I’m all with Keisha- may God bless her heart

    • STFU dick head…

      The MF admitted to drugging women in his DEPOSITION! No one made that MF say that.

      You all are fucking morons!!!! To not believe what a man says out of his own fucking mouth! DUMB ASS BITCH!

      And you are as much of a PILE OF SHIT as the rest for defending his RAPING ASS!

      He will BURN IN HELL FOR WHAT HE DID and hopefully IDIOTS like you will too for being so stupid as to DEFEND HIM!

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