T.I. Blames Tiny’s Cheating with Floyd Mayweather for their Divorce!

Mayweather Caused Tiny TI Divorce

Is this the final nail in the coffin for Tiny and Tip?

The fifth and final season of T.I. and Tameka “Tiny” Harris‘ VH1 reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, is going out with a bang!

The couple’s marriage has hit rock bottom and this time, there is no kissing and making up. Tiny took the kids and moved into her own house and reports of cheating (on both sides) is fodder for the blogs and social media.

On Monday’s all-new T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, the couple sit down for a seriously deep conversation about the state of their broken relationship. T.I confronts his wife about a man that she allegedly was seen with (more than once), spotted at the man’s home and caught red-handed dancing with said mystery gentlemen, with full knowledge T.I. doesn’t get along with said unnamed dude. Tiny denies sleeping with the man.

As many know, Tiny has involved herself in a messy little love triangle with, Floyd Mayweather, at the center of it all. Speculation about an affair was on the rise, and the boxing champion cleared rumors up when he publicly announced that he in fact did have sex with Tiny, then later denied the rumor — leaving many to speculate.


T.I. wasn’t done, he also slams Tiny‘s decision to move out of the marital home, which she immediately defends by blaming T.I. for cheating with one of her friends. Apparently, Tiny hired a friend to do a job in her home and the friend and her husband betrayed her by hooking up.

Tiny says Mayweather treated her like a woman and this offends T.I. since he’s spent millions on her throughout the years. A tit-for-tat convo ensues and Tiny ends off by saying that every move she has made, even with this man, was a direct reaction to T.I.’s adultery. Botton line, T.I. is done with Tiny. He feels that he’s outgrown the relationship and not the same man he was when they met, at 21. It’s over!


  1. I have a question, with all of the money Floyd Mayweather has, why doesn’t he open his own casino?

  2. I can’t with this clown. He’s a womanizing, misogynistic coon. Playing Santa at Walmart doesn’t make up for the shame he has put on the sanctity of their marriage. All the reasoning, justifications and extensive vocabulary is a front used for laying down game for the star struck slores that indulge in his coonery.

  3. TI can dish it but he can’t take it!
    Maybe he’s just upset because Floyd has more money and a bigger penis.

  4. I know Floyd trying his best to bite his tongue. Everybody just look at Floyds history of woman. Tiny do not fit in the equation. Floyd has a type, and the type is beautiful high class thot, groupie, hoochies. Tiny is more of a cute chick from the hood.

  5. TIP you are one to talk,been plmping that woman so long,dragging her into threesomes,and all kinds of no good shit,not even paying the bills,taking her money,so you could spend your’s on dumb shit,like other women,Iggy left your black ass,got with other black men,you are one low down black man! You so desperate,ran your so called restaurant in the hole,you know you had no business background,you have no education,why didn’t you use some of that money to get an education to prepare for your future,no you buying guns,do you have anyone in your life whom you would listen to,no I guess not,young thugs like you listen to that stupid inner voice that tells you street life is better !

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