Angela Simmons Dumps Her Felon Fiancé

angela simmons breakup

After getting engaged in April 2016 and Angela Simmons giving birth to their son in September that same year, many people wondered when she and her fiancé Sutton Tennyson would be walking down the aisle. It looks like the wedding date is set for Nevruary 29th because Angela is officially single and ready to mingle!

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angela simmons breakup 2

She dodged a bullet considering her ex-fiancé has a pretty long rap sheet.

Are you happy Angela will be on her “new year, new me” now that she’s done with her baby daddy?


  1. Shouldn’t have had unprotected sex with some1 u don’t know..STUPID IDIOT

    By the way, i like “Nevruary”

    • B/C NO one other than her has ever had unprotected sex…stop judging, armchair quarterback

  2. Well good for her… Because it sounds like he was being abusive… Can kinda relate to her.. For me 2018 is about making progress in life dispite the obstacles life throws at u.. 2017 was tough but me/we are still here.. Ready to see conquer another day.. With the help of Gods holy spirit.. I wish every one well in the year to come. Because best believe life is going to take us for a ride…

  3. How did she meet him? One would think that since she runs in the celebrity circle, she would meet half decent men. She would have been better off giving the cookie and getting knocked up by bow wow. At least he wasn’t an ex con.

  4. If I had access to the different types of men that she had, no way in hell would the father and the first man that I give my virginity to would be an ex con! I understand black women wanting to stick with their own, but come on! This is ridiculous!

  5. I the Baby the focus, or her cleavage? So many so called Celebs are doing these sexualised pictures with kids i’m thinking it is a code to pedos!

  6. If she was feeling undervalued and unappreciated in the relationship there were red flags before she got pregnant. Always settling for less and learning in hindsight.

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