Vincent Herbet Got His Side Chick Pregnant! Is Laura Govan the Baby Mama?

laura govan vince herbert pregnant

Tamar Braxton just revealed her estranged husband, Vince Herbert, got his side chick pregnant!

Rumor has it, the baby mama is none other than Laura Govan.

vince herbert laura goven pregnant baby

The “public record” Tamar is referring to is Vince’s Christmas day arrest when he contacted her despite her active order of protection.

After Tamar revealed the news, her fans have migrated to Laura’s Instagram profile to drag her in the comments section.

laura govan vince herbert 1

laura govan vince herbert 2

laura govan vince herbert 3

laura govan vince herbert 4

Looks like Laura was trying to secure another 18 years of checks by any means necessary!

She has since turned off the comments on her Instagram profile.


  1. He’s ugly as hell. Hoes have no dignity and pride at all like damn she could have got a nice looking doctor, lawyer hell a actor, definitely a rapper but she chose this ( papa smurf/handsome squid ward, sounds like a woman when he talks )crazy looking ass. I’m just baffled like he got the damn nerve to cheat on someone smh

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