Amber Rose’s Days Are Numbered?

I still blame Kanye!

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July 25, 2017

This former stripper/model who became famous for the A+ lister at the time she was dating forever is now a celebrity/wannabe reality star who is having trouble making a buck. Her last few promotional appearances for clubs and other parties have been less than underwhelming. People don’t turn out for her and the offers are drying up.

Answer: Amber Rose


  1. I’m getting sick and tired of seeing no talented bitches and hoes become celebrities. Get rid of all these trash chicks! They can’t sing. They can’t act. They can’t dance. They have no talent or education. Question, why do all of the urban websites publish stories about these broke, desperate bitches?

    • Same reason they keep publishing this LHHATL, and side chicks bullshit.

  2. I like Amber. She may not sing or dance, but neither do half the celebutaunts out there in the ether. At least Amber is witty, snarky and gets the joke. She doesn’t take herself too seriously like the KKKlan.

  3. Here’s what she needs to do: she is still hot enough to find a rich white guy who has a fetish for black chicks but isn’t all in on the interracial thing. So Amber would be a compromise: a black chick with white skin.

    But time is running out, so get on it Amber.

      • Thank you! Why doesn’t she go find a rich Middle Easterner or Arab dude? They’re mixed, she’s mixed – Problem solved.

        • Arabs never claim to be mixed with anyone. They are not ashamed of being who the are so dont have to. Unlike some people!!!!

  4. She’s always in love praising how good the man makes her feel then after a while they aren’t together. Her philosophies are all talk.

  5. But she still Wiz Khalid’s baby mama so how she gone go broke?

    I’m confused, I can’t stand this chick but at the end of the day, hoes never go broke because men are always going to trick!! So this is garbage

  6. First of all, this old, fat, used up, hoe is NOT black.

    Secondly, her untalented, disgusting ass 15 minutes of infamy should have BEEN expired 14 minutes ago.

    Lastly, GOOD. She was undeserving of any shine.

  7. Why do they keep photographing her out and about with her young un boyfriend with the cross on his forehead.

  8. Fuck this bald headed scalleywag. She put her foot in her mouth when she deemed herself more attractive than black women in philly because of her light skin.

    • Get that “bald headed scalleywag” LOL! That should tell ole ignant black folks that these hybrids KNOW they are not black. Light Supremacy = White Supremacy. Funny how no white would claim her, but blacks are supposed to have a sense of inferiority about their bloodlines and accept them according to RoseWood. VVV

  9. Amber is half Cape Verdean which is an island off the coast of Africa. She’s black and no Caucasian would dare marry her. She could get wifed up by a rich negro tho.

    • Why are American Blacks so desperate for other races to be accepted as the same as them or part of them ? If you people think this woman would have had to show a pass card in aparthied South Africa and live in a township shows most of you are seriously disturbed.

  10. Good. Hopefully these other thots money flow dries up too. Tired of the fuckery they promote.

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