Second TS Tells All.. Kicks it With Bobby V. On the Regular!

Word on the curb is that, Bobby V. was set up by the Backpage TS escort, but he he knew the girls were men. The second trans who was also there says, she ‘kicked it with Bobby V. many times‘ and says his ‘d*ck is small‘. OUCH!!!

So, Bobby V. may have told the truth about being extorted, but he knew it was a pre-op TS (or two) whom he was meeting for an encounter with. Check the video above for the full story.


  1. Expose all of these DL brothers! These fuckers are cowards. They keep their faggotry a secret while they continue to infect our women with diseases that penicillin can’t cure. In my opinion, all DL black men should get their nuts bitten off by a ostrich!

    • YES!!!!!!! expose the hell out of these tap dancing clowns. I just listened to another youtube video of R Kelly’s own brother putting him on blast (past Wendy Williams interview from 2005)… Dag, even R Kelly’s brother put him on blast like that! It seems like the most depraved blacks are praised and extolled in hollywood. Now as far as this DL idiot Bobby V, they murkin the hell out of his image now… LOL goin in on his size. Well, he does look like he could be half asian. Look like Tyga’s cousin or somethin.

    • u mean all these under hoe fags. they are not black brothers. i hate the fact that we call them these nasty fucks brothers but call real refer to women as hoes, thots bitches you name it. the lifestyle of the average homosexual is extremly disgusting and way worst than the average hetrosexuals……

    • co sign
      there should be a law that a man knowly fucks men a sleep with a woman without telling her he should go to jail. this is a crime.

      • revise……
        any man who fucks women know that theyre playing for the other team but not telling should be jail

      • revise……
        any man who fucks women and are playing for the other team but not disclosing it should go to jail.Its one thing to lie to yourself but dont destroy other peoples lives. that shit isnt fair

  2. At this point he gone need tge one and only Jesus to get him out of this mess. Pray Bobby

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