Alexis Sky’s BFF I-KEY Caught Escorting As TS On Craigslist

because…why the F*** not?!

Alexis Sky’s bestie, I-Key, is allegedly trying to sell himself on Craigslist as a trans woman. You might remember I-Key as once being cool with Masika before switching over to Alexis’ side.

To make matters more awkward, I-Key is allegedly wearing Alexis’ wigs and panties while taking flicks in her L.A home… This according to Alexis’ assistants who sent in the tea on him.

I-Key allegedly told another blogger that, Alexis’ assistant was trying to extort him for money and when asked for proof he was not able to show proof of extortion other than some fake messages he created between himself and another blog writer.


  1. All black men are stampeding out of the closet!

    Get out of their way now!

    You can’t tell them nothing now!

  2. Some women like trannies pretty soon women are gonna have to learn to accept the fact that men of all colors are bisexual I hate when folks say all black men like trannies

    • Well why wouldn’t a a woman be attracted to a man. He still a man and furthermore .we all start off androgenous anyway . So wth

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