Kim Kardashian Defends Racist Makeup Artist Jeffery Star

“He said sorry so leave him alone” ~ Kim Kardashian (August 2017)

Kim Kardashian is tired of people bringing up her buddy Jeffery Star’s racist history… so she’s making a public announcement telling people to back off her boy!

This is Jeffery Star’s previously released apology:


  1. This skeletor sissy looking bitch and this build a body, pissy face hoe is cut from the same cloth. And I don’t give a fuck how many Negropeans, coon dicks this cum guzzling bitch swallowed. Racist ass joker face dubai HOE!

  2. She is defending racism and says if someone apologizes it’s racism in the past tense. Does this mentality sound familiar?

  3. The black trannies look wayyyyy better than the skeletal, malnourished trannies.

    Ugly skinny tranny; might as well get a ugly skinny white girl lol.

  4. Kim k, and her teanny buddies all.serve the whore of Babylon or serpent goddess and her other names

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    • You might be right, CC. Britany Spears and Kim k got down and allegedly B said that K was a real nympho….

  5. I wouldn’t Be surprised if the bitch is racist her damn self. It’s funny She made so much money off of blacks but her makeup line does not cater to black women. As stupid as it sounds there are plenty of racist white people that have mixed children and love black penis. Shame on the coons that support this hoe and her sisters.

    • She and her family have never wanted black women around them. The ones that are around, are there so they can learn the nuances of black community and lingo, what makes black folks hit, etc, so they can later copy and appropriate black culture. To this day the black folks that support this family still don’t get it. That they target simp rich black mail because they are easy for the taking. When Odom was no longer marketable they dumped him, Kanye is next, and after that it will be Tristan. Black women need not apply to be in their midst as much as some want to be, hello Chyna.

    • Absolutely. They still support her. It’s why she’s keeping Kanye as long as she can. After she drops him, she will be looking for her next target. It’s not love since she is frozen below the waist line. It’s about money and notoriety. Count on it, she will look up for the next black rich celeb.

    • kim k does not like black women bc they are a threat to her. Low self esteem makes her realize that in the end she is just a plastic bitch with no power cause her skin don’t have melanin and her feature are as fake as fuk. She can trick the black man cause he thinks with his dick but not a black women with her steal-a-culture-for-personal gain shit. They want the black generational money. No lie.

  6. Don’t speak against someone when you already know the child has limited understanding.

  7. Oh really? She has a makeup line that does not cater to black women? Interesting. She did what many people do which is to ride the black wave until we are no longer needed. She took a page right out of “how to become rich by using black people” handbook.

    Btw, I never have and never will support this family. I saw from day one what these bitches are all about. I hope this is a wake up call for the black sheep that support this family.

    • Yes her makeup line looks terrible on black skin. Every black YouTube guru has complained about her lipsticks and how it makes their lips look chap and wierd af but of course it looks great on white people.

    • They used black to become hip and push buttons because they were doing salacious things with BLACK men (tape, all the hoeing around, etc.). They took made being white with a black man to a different height, as if it was something new or special or different. They made their relations something for people to talk about and in a way that they monetized things. Kim is now stuck with Kanye but she will monetize her kids when she gets older and make sure Kanye is out of the picture by them. Look at him, what good is he to her now after he introduced her to A listers and fashion houses.

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