? ? ? Aaron Hernandez’s Jailhouse Lover’s Photo & Suicide Note to Him Made Public


On the day former NFLer Aaron Hernandez is laid to rest, in his home town of Bristol Connecticut, they come with a shocker!

Early reports say that Aaron had a GAY LOVER in prison. Well now a website is claiming to have images of Aaron’s alleged lover.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, 22 year old Kyle Kennedy (below) is the mystery prisoner who Aaron Hernandez wrote to before his shocking suicide .Kylie is allegedly the man to whom Hernandez gave a $50,000 watch and other property shortly before he took his life.

The Daily Mail claims the two men were GAY LOVERS.

Aaron Hernandez Jailhouse Lover Suicide Note

Aaron Hernandez was appealing a murder conviction when he hanged himself inside of his jail cell.


Breaking news…. or DISRESPECTFUL???


    • Unfortunately, he has taken it all to the grave with him. You can’t really dispute or confirm anything anymore about him. Were these guys lovers or not, what were the real reasons he shot all those people. He’s made life difficult for his family even from beyond the grave. The only play left is the fight for money.

  1. Interesting how these stories about AH keeps coming out. Regarding the letter, Pages appears to be missing. That being said, it seems like he is talking about his football team.

    • That is NOT one of the letters. As of today they are still in the possession of the state and will be given to the attorneys of the 3 people tomorrow. Kyle’s atty has confirmed that one of the letters is to his client. That is factual.

      Jose Baez is a liar.

  2. I’m trying to figure out how this letter proves he’s Gay? It sounds like he was talking to his jail house homie, not lover. Nothing in this letter sounds close to Gay but rather proves he wasn’t. I believed he was Gay from the other day but after reading this hood, kindergardner, not making any sense letter, I’m not convinced he was gay at all.

  3. The letter sound like the typical hood n–ga football player with no home training, and obviously the teachers gave him the grades to get into college. But Gay, no sir. Gay guys would’ve wrote a much better letter than this. This sound like some shyt my ex boyfriend who played football would’ve wrote. Just illiterate, I don’t understand nothing he talking about in that letter.

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