Tennis Captain Investigated for Racist Comments About Serena’s Unborn Baby

Ilie Nastase serena williams racist unborn baby

Romanian tennis captain, Ilie Naste is under fire for making a racist comment about Serena Williams and her unborn child.

Since Serena is now pregnant and engaged to a white man, Alexis Ohanian, Ilie speculated about her baby at a news conference by saying, “Let’s see what color [the baby] has. Chocolate with milk?”

Serena took to her Instagram to fire back. She defended her child and another tennis captain who accused Naste of sexual harassment.

Here’s the video of Naste making the sexist comment to Anne Keothavong. He asked her for her hotel number, and reportedly told her, “We keep being attracted.” She’s 18 weeks pregnant and married by the way.

He has already been suspended for the sexual harassment allegation, but now the ITF is investigating his racist comment against Seren’a baby, too.


  1. She’s a celebrity. Millions of us have endured racial harassment with no attention and no monetary gain. I don’t feel any kind of way. Par for the course.

  2. Fuck that…she gets hate on the reg in that sport because she IS the BEST…the shit they give her they would never give to any dude playing ball.

  3. Black women say that shit about mix children everyday. Wasn’t it them that made the term swirl and use the word chocolate and vanilla and all these coonish terms. Why aren’t they called out

    • Exactly, and if this is racism, what the hell do you call what was happening in the 60s?

  4. Serena, they’re jealous of your success. Keep taking the high note and enjoy your beautiful pregnancy 🙂

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