☕ TIME: Steve Harvey’s Second Wife Mary Harvey is Spilling it Everywhere!

Looks like Steve Harvey better start cutting some checks working to remedy this situation… Mary seems very genuine in her anger and we know there is nothing worse than a woman scorned!








  1. That photo op with Rumpman did him in. It’s starting and everyone wants to be paid before he goes away from the public light.

  2. How in the blue hell could they have the same divorce lawyers. That right there is insanity.

  3. Damn at least say or summarize what she said…ain’t nobody got time to be going through video after video…

  4. I can’t listen because at least some of what she claims is a lie. Steve is rich enough to be a target for many lawyers who would run him to the poor house if he did anything illegal.

    I can’t stand him (really) but she talks too much about money. The bit about how many people she helped is an eye opener because she was doing it with his money. People like that are destined to go broke.

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