Young Thug Sued for Failing to Pay Million Dollar Mortgage

young thug sued mortgage

We bet Young Thug regrets the day he moved into his mansion and tossed money into the indoor swimming pool. That money could’ve been used to pay $2.2 million he owes on his mortgage!

The rapper is being sued by the builder he offered him a “balloon promissory note” back in September 2016.

Under the agreement, Thugger was supposed to pay huge payments over a course of a few months, including $86,500 on Oct. 19; $86,033 on Nov. 19; $150,567 on Dec. 19; two more payments of $14,667 in January and February 2017, and
on March 19th of this year, he was supposed to pay a sum of $2,214,667 on the home.

According to a lawsuit, he hasn’t made the payments on the 11,000-square-feet home.


  1. I don’t know why these celebrities think they are untouchable they got the pay like everyone else bullshit.

  2. Most celebrities, really don’t have a pot to piss in, and a lot of just one check away from bankruptcy or being homeless. A lot of celebrities; even the one’s you think have money ain’t really got it like that, especially with these 360 deals they sign. Black celebrities however are the absolute worst at this. Niggas can’t seem to manage their money for shit.

  3. Well… can u expect someone who lived in poverty majority of their life to know how to manage lump sum payments specially when stuntin, trickin, and flossin is part of the game. Black ppl in general have zero financial education which is why all the other nations surpass us. But i dont see blm protesting that shit…

  4. Dearheart, the EXACT same thing can be said about some people of other races and nationalities. Please don’t go there and put every black person in the same category as Young Thug. Yes he’s acts like a buffoon with cash but so do a lot of other folk. Yes he embarrasses the hell out of black folk…but so do other individuals of other races. Let just be clear. Thugger is an entity all on his own. So stop saying black folk have no financial education or know how. That’s a lie and then some. I’m black. No student loans. A home OWNER with a nice little savings going. #Rethink

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