Tiny Gears Up for ‘Meet the Blacks’ Sequel Following Split from T.I.

tiny harris meet the blacks

Even though her marriage to T.I. is in shambles, Tiny isn’t letting that get in the way of her career…and her new boo!

She posted this photo on her social media page in anticipation of reprising her role as Shoronda in the ‘Meet the Blacks’ sequel.


And then she dropped this bombshell. Looks like Tiny went out on a date just a few days after TIP said he’d rather be her best friend.



  1. That movie got ridiculous towards the end – big yawn. What happened to the tax liens tho?

  2. Lil lady,don’t allow yourself to be used by any man,let Tip go,don’t try holding any man that does not want you! You young,you beautiful,you smart,except when it comes to this guy,walk Away,you send the message that you are desperate,be anything except desperate,hold on to your dignity,don’t give that up for anyone! You addicted to him,go to rehab by being alone,it will pass,be alone for one month,the addiction to him will get easier,soon he will be an afterthought. You will feel stronger sooner than you think! Stop his abuse of you,emotional,physical,you are an abused woman,you just don’t know it yet,take time for you,your self esteem will carry you the rest of the way! Do not date yet,it sends the message to him that you so lonely because of him,don’t give him the satisfaction!!

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