T.I Says He Rather be Tiny’s Best friend Than Her Husband

T.I SAYS HE RATHER BE TINY’S BEST FRIEND THAN HER HUSBAND #ouch#teamtiny #tiny #interview #hsk #gossip #tea #celebrity #couple

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T.I Says He Rather be Tiny’s Best friend Than Her Husband


  1. Entertainers don’t go on performing tours anymore – they go on publicity tours talking on any radio tv station that will have them including their own social media.

  2. It’s obvious he wants to be with other women not his wife. They should call it.

  3. He likes dick and so does she. Its no secret in Atlanta. Them two are freeeaaakkksss.

  4. Well I thought, with my old arse, that your spouse should be your best friend.. it was the way we did things, but this new generation is disgusting.. Sorry Tiny I would have divorced him years ago.. No man is worth your self esteem and he walks all over you. Ole boy can cheat, but if he thinks you’re creeping on him, he angry.. Please grow up Tip you’re not getting any younger and you highly screwed the Rock and Roll hall of fame last week.. you looked like some butch woman out there trying to sing… He deserved better than you did last week.. It was weak and you looked like a butch out there….Tiny get your alimony and child support and move on, this man will never ever respect you or treat you right..

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