IG Model Lied About Being Pregnant by Drake!

layla lace lied pregnant

The woman who claimed Drake had gotten her pregnant and stopped answering her calls has just been exposed!

A leaked DM shows the woman, who goes by Layla Lace, made up the whole story to make money off of the situation.

Welp… another mystery solved ??‍♀️? #Drake (view previous post)

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  1. Why would Champagne Papi be liking this? When this girl trying/got FAMOUS OFF HIS NAME.

    Drake YOU dummy.????

  2. Someone paid someone off for some reason. Backtracking is now taking place. Fill in your own blanks.

  3. yes, something don’t seems right here…when the news first came on the blogs..djspadenyc temporarily deleted his page and the next day his page came back all of a sudden..I do believe that drake paid for the chick to meet with him and smashed..cuz thats what he does but not sure about the pregnancy thing however…this chicks should now better..smh…what you thought he was gonna wife you…girl bye

  4. maybe even 67, like older than Tina Turner. My Momma look younger thsn this and she almost 60. No way drake paid her for anything or went raw. I dint believe it!

  5. Of course she’s going to backtrack, and will likely abort that child if need be. Like I said on another page-Drake is a jew. And given that he’s the major ball players of the industry’s pet, they will protect him at all cost. Not only that, but with the people he’s directly connected to- Jay Prince/Jas Prince; Im willing to bet she received a nice little “courtesy call”, to refrain, recount, and to possibly abort whatever pregnancy might have been in the works. Either that, or she’ll end up like Jay Z’s Kathy White.

  6. She does look like a middle aged thot in that pic though. Like an Auntie that doesnt realize that her club days are hella over. Have several seats Auntie!!!

  7. Why would any woman be lying about being impregnated by Aubry “wheelchair” Papi? SMH.

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