Tiny Addresses T.I., Bernice Burgos & Floyd on ‘Wendy’

tiny ti wendy williams bernice brugos

Tiny headed to the Wendy Williams show to discuss her marriage to T.I., and she also confirmed that the rapper is NOT with Bernice Burgos.

In the video, Tiny says she and TIP “just can’t keep it together.” She also says they never had an open marriage, they just “did what they wanted to do.”

Peep the video starting at the 3:54 mark to see her go off on Bernice and listen to her talk about her “friendship” with Floyd.


  1. Woman are pathetic! I would divorce TI, take my kids, move to Cali and change my number! F–k him, his money and his new bytch.

    None of y’all are the one, not the fake wife or the fake new bytch. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, if you were the one, he would not be cheating, taking a decade to marry, having threesomes, sneaking around, making you be quiet, let you be a side chick, mistress or none of that shyt. OMG what is wrong with these dumb azz insecure basic bytches. I know money talks but not to the point we’re you sacrifice your heart. Damn!!! Pick up a bible and read it. Put God first, build up your self esteem and drop these disrespectful niggaz. God forgive me for the language, but that’s all these bimbos understand.

  2. Tiny need to walk all the way from TI instead of hanging on by a string, using kids as an excuse. All she doing is stopping him from doing what he really wants to. Tiny, you might as well get your feelings hurt now, while you still young enough to get someone else. Because hanging on to this potentially bi sexual, freddy crugar of a husband azz man until you turn 71 is just ruining your own life.

    I used to think I was the dumbest insecure girl, but I have never let a nigga dog me out to the extent these woman do. If a nigga ask me for a naked pic, blow job, do a threesome, anal sex, take more than 3 months to try and marry me, ever tells me no for anything or even something as simple as letting a bytch follow him on instagram, im dumping his azz, ASAP Immediately! So how the hell do you let a nigga get to the point where he cheat, then get a few bytches pregnant, then talk you into participating in 3 somes and you still letting his name come out your mouth, Fuc& him. Im so freakin lost! I wouldve walked away after us dating for 6 months and he still aint married me. We would’ve never even got to the point of all this shyt.

    Tiny F-&k them Kids, leave his azz and find them a new Daddy!

    • LOL real talk! I would never EVER let a man treat me the way this dude treats Tiny. The fact that she’s had so much plastic surgery and he still does this to her, shows the mere lows of her self esteem, and how much she’s valued in the relationship.

      • You know she would take him back in a heartbeat. He’s actually doing her a favor by dogging her out and saying they’re better as friends, but her dumb ass won’t move on.

  3. Also, Tiny really needs to lay off the plastic surgery darling. That nose job looks horrendous, and she’s starting to morph into something entirely recognizable.

  4. All that plastic surgery and she still looks like why. Self hate is a terrible thing. Love yourself my dear.

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