Fans Start Petition to Keep Kim Zolciak Off of RHOA!

kim zolciak real housewives petition

Now that it has been confirmed that Kim Zolciak will return to ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for season 10 as a part-time cast member, and fans of the show ain’t havin’ it!

An official petition has been started to get Kim, her unemployed husband Kroy Biermann, and their gaggle of chirren off of the program.

“She allegedly refused to film with the cast. She also allegedly made racist comments (e.g. using the N-word, said Kandi Burruss lives in the ghetto, disparaging comments about dark skin, etc.) about her cast mates…After her departure from RHOA, the ratings soared and the show became the highest rated show on the BRAVO network….Adding Kim back to RHOA will cause the ratings to decline and adversely affect the show’s success and popularity.”

Do you agree that Kim should be removed from the cast?


  1. Yes they should petition because we all had enough of her and her surgeries and what she need money for unless the money is almost gone.

  2. Just signed the petition & I encourage others to do so as well. I hate this white bitch for a lot of reasons. I hope she dies broke in the near future! 😛

    • I’m going to the petition now, too! This bitch looks like a cartoon character. It was appalling to see the other sisters not stand with Kenya when this Jinn ass hoe went for her. You better believe these monsters create a fortress when one of them is attacked, even if they don’t like one of their own.

  3. They dont need her on the show as long as they have Porsha, but I cant see her hurting the show.

  4. She was always boring. And just like my mother said years ago, did they ever put one black woman on a cast full of white women on housewives?? No. So why should kim be on their show? She thought she was better than those ‘black bishes’ anyway pu could tell years ago on the episode where she walked off the show, she was like im too good for this. So just stay ur ass home hoe, i support the petition.

    • THANK YOU!!! It’s called affirmative action! Yet these filthy devil hypocrites have a nerve to complain about it.

  5. Bet you her husband both voted for Trump. I never heard about her alleged racial comments, but her and her husband do seem like the type of new money trailer trash that would be racist as f ck behind closed doors.

  6. Leave that hoe on her failing shows. With her over made self. Where’s the petition so I can add my name.

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