Nicki Minaj Drops No Frauds Music Video Featuring Lil Wayne, Drake & Rah Ali!

 no frauds

Rah Ali gets called out by PreMadonna for teaming up with Nicki Minaj for “No frauds”
music video.

Originally, Rah Ali said that she was only at the music video shoot to provide help with Nicki shoe selection. However, that turned out to be a lie.

Rah Ali actually appears in the video on a part of Nicki song that’s shading Remy Ma. People feel it’s shady and now dragging Rah including PreMadonna.

PreMadonna wrote,

Thoughts??? btw it’s team @remyma all day#shether !! Don’t know rah But the moves she making is Nah!?I hope she got paid ! Where is the loyalty…? These days ?this is why I don’t fck w/ these women out here now !!! Period!! #shether #madbitcheslinkupDon’t ask me why I care cause I don’t ?it’s called social media & right now I’m being social…Don’t be Dumb!!. Where’s the lie ????



  1. I think Remy Ma was hired to ruin her own little career to boost Nickies even higher. cause she cant possibably have thought Nicki was not going to win this battle, with all the money and connections backing her up.

  2. all these ppl are weak and corney. But the song is hot, Nickis pretty and talented, Drake and Lil Wayne are Good Rappers, probably the best. Other than that, they are all very much still corny and I dont even see how Remy got in the equation, she shoukd be arguing with Yo Yo or something, well not even that cause even Yo Yo was more legit than Remy.

  3. please nicky time is fading.. she stooping desperate attempts and you can see it.. everybody wanna be a @#$% rider and not be truthful..nicky is a FRAUD!!! Biiaaatttcchhhh!!

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