Tammy Rivera Daughter’s Real Father’s Sister Is Blasting Waka: “Niggas Got Low Sperm Count”


    The father’s sister of Tammy’s daughter is blasting Waka and Tammy for only showing the daughter with Waka & not the real father. Word is that the family of the real father is extremely upset at Tammy and Waka about this.

    Allegedly, the father’s family is about to start bringing family business to the public like the sister is doing now.


    1. like, so if you did not want another man taking care of your child, you shouldve married Tammy and raised your child. WTF would she out the real dad on the show for? Fu-k him. When the daughter gets a show on VH1 then she can put him on there, until then, watch her call Wacka Daddy and shut up!


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