Young Thug Sends Death Threat to Ex-Fiancée

young thug death threat jerrika

After catching him cheating on her with multiple people, including one of her friends, Young Thug’s fiancée Jerrika decided to end their engagement.

But peep what Thugger had to say on Twitter when Jerrika announced she was moving on.

young thug death threat fiancee

And then he had the nerve to beg for forgiveness:

She needs to follow Karrueche’s lead and hit him with a restraining order


  1. Fuck a restraining order these chicks need to invest in some hardware.

    I swear only a fag is down with beating/ harming women.

    • Any bitch dating a man who calls himself “thug”, deserves everything she gets!!!!

      • LMAO, only an ignorant Sack of Shit would say something so fucking STUPID!!!

        And your mom is the Bitch, Bitch!!!!

  2. Uuuhhhhh mm k. That’s like a real real threat. Lol like a real one!!! Young Thug lives hard and fast, she might want to pull a Tupac and fake a death and lay low. I thought I crazy some crazy niccas that make subliminal threats but nothing this direct and he put it in writing on the Internet. ??

  3. This crying, sniveling mess would kill her. That is why he wamt another chance.

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