Did Wendy Williams Meet with Divorce Lawyers Amid Another Kevin Hunter Cheating Scandal?

According to Crazydaysandnights, Wendy Williams may be headed for divorce! Allegedly, Wendy met with divorce lawyers in order to start the process between her and her husband, Kevin ‘Tranny’ Hunter who recently was exposed by Dailymail.com (years after HSK exposed the violent brains behind Wendy Williams.


  1. She is prob checking to see what her options are since she has no pre-nup and has been supporting him since before they were married.

    She wanted this broke down dude so bad, she might as well stay at this point.

    I personally would not have stayed after the first allegations, but if she is not trying to come off of some major dough in this case it is cheaper to keep him and just live separate lives.

    Shit she has always been so desperate to have a man I still don’t see her leaving, anyway.

    He is lucky he is with her, cuz he would have been had a contract out on him.

  2. I thoughtKev helped build her Career and was her manager, so how is that leaching? >

    • Enrolling into the University of Kendu Issacs, I see… But I see what you’re saying, only in that people should never mix business with pleasure.

    • She was who she was BEFORE HIM…w/o HER he would have no paycheck.

      He was also the one who got her fired from radio. They (radio execs) never wanted him around pretty much like the people on her show now.

  3. Dude is not management material, real ghetto and unprofessional. Years ago she had a show on VH1 and Dude was cursing out the executives, wasn’t rational so they booted both of them.
    She stay with him, then more embarrassing shit comes out, i.e. pics of him and the woman and it’ll make Wendy look even weaker. Would make it harder to sit up there and pass judgement on everyone else’s relationships when CLEARLY your own is in shambles.
    Just pay him and be done with it.

  4. Wendy made it big and amassed her wealth while married to him (20 years). She is on the hook for a huge payout to him, specially if there is no prenuptial agreement. She’s been married to this guy for 20 years and her net worth is $60M with $15M per year. The law will look at her the way it would look at a man supporting his family. Were prenuptial agreements a thing in 1997? The good thing is that their son turns 18 next year so he can’t leech off using the child support payments. She needs to take her lumps and move on.

  5. Now we will see how tough she really is. Will she fold it stand Tall and somewhat it takes to move forward. Time will tell.

  6. So he’s cheating on her, and he’s beating her ass? (allegedly) It’s so sad how so many chicks in this industry have such low self esteem. I would never date a man who wasn’t on my level; that had NOTHING to bring to the table. But it seems like no one in Hollywood gets to choose their mates. They’re all puppets who are “placed” with people for props… Such a sad life.

    • I never heard of beatings allegations. I wold change the lock and run to court for a restraining order, then get the lawyers. He would do a Belafonte move and demand temp payments of 100K a month. He can always live in his other house with his other woman.

      • He slapped the shit out of adrienne bailon on that show, so putting hands on women is nothing new for him.

        • Oh wrong story, but yeah this one too, is what they say.

          This one has been doing it for years, prob since before they were married or right after he hooked her. She is an idiot and should have left long ago.

  7. Wendell is praying to GOD, that what happened to Melba Moore, Anita Baker, & MJB don’t happen to her. It’s HER money but in a messy divorce it could all be his, i’m sure Wends doesn’t have a prenup.
    But in a normal Wendy fashion, ” she’ll” overshadow her own misery by talking ish about others.

  8. Karma..you can dish dirt for a living and not have dirt under your fingertips to

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