Blac Chyna Demands $1 Million from Kardashians to End Lawsuit

blac chyna revenge porn lawsuit

Rob Kardashian is still on the hook for leaking Blac Chyna’s personal videos and photos after their relationship went sour. But she’s willing to make her revenge porn lawsuit go away if the Kardashians are willing to pay up.

In his lawsuit he filed against Chyna for vandalism, battery, and assault, Rob and Kylie said Chyna tried to extort their family for monetary fain.

Sources are now saying Chyna will leak personal info that Rob shared with her during their relationship and spill the tea on everything she knows about the Kardashians unless they pay her at least seven-figures.

Kris Jenner and Kim are reportedly “terrified” of what she might say.


  1. I felt bad for Chyna, but extortion is a no no, which never ends, a person who stoops so low, will keep on extorting. No
    way, would I pay her a dime if I were the Kardashians. There is nothing much that is not known about the family, and at this point there is really nothing to lose. Tell her to bounce!

    • This is not extortion.

      What he did is illegal and she wants to be paid (settle out of court) because she can be for what he did instead of filing a criminal case to throw his dumb ass in prison.

      She will still probably tell what she knows at some point, but since he does not have any money and the koven does, she is putting them on notice to handle this before it gets out of control and does go to court/ trial.

      • What she did was illegal. Did the “man” she was in bed with give her permission to send the pictures to Rob? She will be hoisted by her own petard.

        • Besides the dude she was in bed with sent rob photos as well.

          Know of what you speak before you do fake-ass-NOT-know-it-all.

  2. Do it like gangsters do – let something out each day (secret) until they pay! We all want to know the real deal anyway.

  3. Black Chin is being greedy and she needs to stop while she’s ahead. Obviously Rob care something about her, cause if he didn’t they really could slam dunk her, but they not for some reason. By now after all this fame, I’m confused at why China even care about a million, she should be worth 40milliom by now or atleast 5million. I don’t like the Kardashians, but I’m not sure what secrets could possibably be worst than what we already know or expect. At this point I think the Lardashians should start fighting back.

  4. I don’t feel bad for Chyna, that bitch is an opportunist. Rob was too naive to see it coming. He should fight it in court, cause Chyna doesn’t have big money to fight it till the end. She’s looking for a settlement.

    • LMAO…what he did is a CRIME, fool.

      If it goes to trial he will get time no matter what, because he already apologized for/ admitted doing it. If he does not settle it would be just a matter of how much time he will get, so there is no fighting it, you fucking idiot.

      Take it to ém Chyna, lol!

  5. Just look at the situation. Her lawyer probably told her to try settling for 1 mil, because she doesn’t have a strong enough case, or enough money to continue fighting. That’s her kids father she is blasting, and His kids mother he is blasting. That kid is going to be all kinds of fucked up in the head with these Messy asses.

    • Uh no, you are as stupid as the one above.

      He put her on blast first, instead of acting like a jealous child he should have manned up and walked away…now he will pay one way or another.

  6. Remember when Kim had BC following her around, one of many people she was using to build up to what she is today. Also casing out her BF, Tyga who they took for Kylie. It had to be humiliating for BC so now she is taking sweet revenge. It’s how I see it. She knew what she was doing.

  7. Poor dumb Blac Chyna. 1 measly million is weekly Starbucks budget for the Kardashians.

    For that piddling amount she is an idiot to sue them. There are better ways to get long money from the for many years. I am afraid that her uber rachet mother Tokyo Toni is advising her.

    • Oh gawd please STFU.

      You people who want to say she should do xyz are NOT in her situation. If she wants to go for a mill that is on her. People settle for way less for much more crap they go through.

  8. Welp it’s not like they don’t have it…pay her and make her sign a stfu contract.

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