Reporter Who Bashed Cam Newton Exposed for Racist Tweets

jourdan rodrigue cam newton racist

During a press conference, Cam Newton said it was “funny” that female reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked him a question about football routes. Rodrigue said she was offended by Cam’s “sexist” comment, and other sportswriters came to her defense.

Cam even lost an endorsement with Dannon yogurt over this mess even though he apologized for his remarks.

And now, Rodrigue’s old tweets have been exposed where she laughs at her dad’s racism and uses the N- word. She has since posted a half-a** apology.

jourdan rodrigue cam newton racist tweet

jourdan rodrigue cam newton racist tweet 1

jourdan rodrigue cam newton racist tweet 2


  1. cavebitches love playing the victim (Feminism, crying rape, calling for gender equality) but they are the WORST offenders, predators, white supremacist ever. They just hide behind others while playing the innocent, pure white disney princess role. They are filthy and very hypocritical

  2. Cam N is a dick and his comments were uncalled for but… yeah- she should’ve checked her account BEFORE becoming a reporter.

  3. Also- Jacky where is your TIP link? I saw something interesting re: Bill Bellamy cheating and wanted to send in…

  4. Black men like him love dating lighter and white so ….

    Have it um Beckies. Take everything including the kitchen sink. Hahaha. .
    I feel no sympathy.

  5. She says 4/5 yrs ago like it makes a difference, lol!

    Too funny how they always try to minimize their BS…

    Just a reminder to any of you fuckers who date these beasts…they all think the same way about you no matter if they are screwing you literally or figuratively.

  6. Um 4/5 years ago is RECENT as hell. Of course she’s apologizing bc she got exposed. Meanwhile, she’s kicking her own self in the ass bc she meant wht she said nd had to apologize for something she really didn’t think was wrong. Sad really.

  7. I KNEW IT WAS A SETUP! Why interview HIM? They knew he would answer off the wall. Somebody wanted to cut his money and they did. How much did they have to pay him to ALLEGEDLY throw that Super Bowl game?

    • With this he is just stupid, but yeah that shit (super bowl) was a complete set up…they were never going to let the “Black Panthers” win on the 50th Anniversary of The Black Panther Party across the bay from where they originated in San Francisco, lol… Never!!!!

  8. Here is the true story: Dannon wanted to cut ties with Newton after he raised his fist in the black power salute at the game Sunday. No, they did not plant that chick to do anything. She is the beat reporter for the paper, and she’s been interviewing him and the coach at their weekly press conference once a week for 2 1/2 years. Had he just been cool with her question, then Dannon would have eventually found another reason to can him.

    Cam did not want to apologize. He put his foot down and said no way am I going to say I’m sorry. Fuck her.

    Then his agent got the news about Dannon, and he literally all but forced the apology. He threatened to quit if Cam did not make that video.

  9. A spokesperson for Dannon Oikos Yogurt said the company would be pulling all commercials and ads featuring the 2015 NFL MVP because his comments that were “…entirely inconsistent with our commitment to fostering equality and inclusion in every workplace.”

    Translation, Cam Newton pissed off a white woman. As a result, white supremacy took away his money and forced him to apologize. The key is white people took away his money! Black people, especially black men, for over 50 years the NFL has pissed us off. We need to take our money away from the NFL! We must have the discipline and the strength to not watch football.

    • CaveBitch – the MOST protected group in the US of KKK. Yet, they cry foul at every hand (Feminism, Crying Rape when they can’t get attention, Threatening to get idiotic brothas locked up who date them, gender equality, etc)

      • if you negroes hate America so badly leave! Senegal has an open invitation for you to go back, but you are too afraid to go. You know you cannot blame white supremacy when you go over there and fail.

        • LMAO…Shut the FUCK Up CAVE BITCH.

          Why don’t you crawl back into your european cave and give the natives THEIR LAND BACK!

      • The black bitch who put high school player Brian Banks in prison for rape got 2 million compo for her lies. Black men has got REAL problems much closer to home.

    • “white supremacy took away his money” Yeah Dannon is a black company right? He contravened his contract, so can have no complaints. You black people should make him the face of your companies.

      • Why are you here?

        Whoever you are stay on your sites, no one wants to read your dumb shit here.

  10. This is blow out of proportion for Cam. It wasn’t a big deal because he didn’t answer that white bitch like a good slave he eyeballed that white woman..She a practicing racist whose parent was also a racist by their own omission and the president a racist who sees good ppl on both sides while he hits Hillary with golf balls and grabs em by the pussay….

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