WTF?! Tyrese Begs The Rock to Fix His Schedule for Furious 9

tyrese the rock call fast furious 9

When you keep calling someone and they won’t answer the phone, just do what Tyrese did – air them out on social media!

The singer and Fast & Furious cast member pleaded for The Rock to change his shooting schedule for his solo gig so they can keep the already scheduled release date for Furious 9.

Apparently, The Rock has been dodging Ty’s calls (can you blame him)? And Tyrese is worried that the scheduling conflict will prevent his family from eating.

Peep the desperation:

tyrese the rock

tyrese the rock 1

tyrese the rock 2

This whole franchise is a mess. They always have some petty drama going on!!


  1. i definitely wouldn’t call him back now! matter of fact i wouldn’t even do the movie because its not like the rock need it.

    • Why does the Rock Dwayne Johnson always stand people up or be a diva…The a Rock down with the gay shit and that’s why he be acting like a diva…They messed up bringing him aboard

  2. Dwayne, could u please rock bottom jody through a table old school style? Let’s make it real this time; organic.

    I’m tired of this coon flapping his gums and fervishly typing his coconut fingers.

  3. Tyrese, the Rock says know ur role and shut ur mouth. Before, he takes his size 14 shoe, turn it sideways & stick it up ur candy a$$.

  4. Cue Jacky’s “Ty’s a Punk”. Dude embarrasses himself to no end. Shameless & sickening. I wouldn’t call his ass back either. Jabroni! Now you see why STD couldn’t stay together as a group, although Ty is one of the 2 who can actually sing. SMH.

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tyrese’s character dies in the next Fast and the Furious movie.

  6. He needs to leave that pharm coke alone. It’s warps the brain making him think he is king shit. Or tptb put him up to this. But it’s bitchmade. And he just exposed himself to the whole world how “inaccessible ” he is. Hollywood is small. You don’t have any friends in common you had to reach another on social media for all to see? Someone need to pull his tampon string and hip him to. You looking real light in the britches right now. And if you wanted to diminish that down low heir about you, this is not it. Lol

  7. Wow and he just tried to drag his baby mama, he dragged himself with this post. Lol

  8. So now this makes more sense. Just read the whole story somewhere else. He does not want the Rock to film a spin off because they only want the Rock. Tyrese is a hater to try and stop The Rock for doing his own thing. That’s our hate. The Rock was a great actor before and after the Fastbin the furious. Tyrese a good actor to but why he waant to rain on The Ricks career is crazy….. and jealousy.

    The Rock need to keep ignoring his calls forever!

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