Who Done It? The Rock Slams “Fast 8” Male Co-Star

the rock fast and furious co-stars beef

Looks like there’s trouble brewing on the set of the highly-anticipated Fast 8.

The Rock took to his Instagram to call out an unnamed male co-star for being unprofessional. The Rock goes on to say, if we see him in the upcoming film, and it looks like his “blood is legit boiling,” it’s because it is!

We wish The Rock would’ve just called the man out. Who do you think it is? Vin Diesel? Luda? Tyrese?

This is my final week of shooting #FastAndFurious8. There's no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one. An incredible hard working crew. UNIVERSAL has been great partners as well. My female co-stars are always amazing and I love 'em. My male co-stars however are a different story. Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don't. The ones that don't are too chicken shit to do anything about it anyway. Candy asses. When you watch this movie next April and it seems like I'm not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling – you're right. Bottom line is it'll play great for the movie and fits this Hobbs character that's embedded in my DNA extremely well. The producer in me is happy about this part?. Final week on FAST 8 and I'll finish strong. #IcemanCometh #F8 #ZeroToleranceForCandyAsses

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  1. Oh geez…what in the hell did Tyrese whine about, cry about, stormed off the set over, who did you lie to, lie on & about what? What shit show did you create now?
    Paul needed to be here to continue this franchise peacefully. Bet this will be the last one unless they change directions meaning getting rid of a main character or two.

  2. Can't we all just get along. I really don't care. I just love the Rock.

  3. Whomever the Rock was talking about just got BURNED!! The second time that has happened to one of the male stars of this franchise!!

  4. OMG…you guys, a client of my colleague JUST told me a load of information I knew nothing about. PAUL WALKER & HIS BOY MICHAEL HASTINGS DID NOT DIE IN A RANDIM CAR ACCIDENT DUE TO THEM SPEEDING. He told me a story that I'll not repeat at this moment but I'm very put off by it since I have never heard ANYTHING remotely close what I was told. He says there are tidbits of truth via the Internet but the legitimate reason behind it has not come out. I also hear Tyrese is "going through major turmoil due to the longstanding pressure he's been under to do some things he supposedly doesn't necessarily want to do."

      • Hey Sasha,

        Sorry I didn't check back yesterday. I will email you at a later time about this. I can't just yet because of not only who told me but the content. It is so far from what you or any of us would ever have thought. So, to stop you from wondering or thinking I'm purposefully holding out on telling you the business let me tell you what it's NOT about. This is not a "he/them/they were gay story" Paul had a propensity to date very young girls but that's not the issue of discussion. I promise….it's NOTHING any of us would ever have thought of & I'm still startled after hearing it. His death was NOT by any means an accident, his friend was basically "in the wrong place at the wrong time" but made the ACCIDENT theme more plausible to the general public. When you hear the people, companies & agencies involved even our so called judicial court system, you will swear I was lying but you'll understand it will make sense to you. And another thing….Paul Walker's family knows he didn't die accidentally but they've went on their way quietly. Michael Hastings' wife knows too & when she tried to speak out she was immediately hushed. She tried to sue Porsche & was quickly shut down, awarded no damages & that was the end of that. For the record, Paul Walker could have cared less about doing another film because he was so sick of the business. He had already resigned in his mind how happy he would be to design, build & work on cars & he told people close to him just that.

        I don't know WHO Rock is salty with BUT I do know out this franchise Tyrese is somebody who has/had a price on his head of sorts & may want to "get right so to speak." I'm hearing he's avoiding certain expectations he didn't realize he previously agreed to. I found it funny to hear because most of us know rarely if ever does anyone get elevated in any aspect of the entertainment business without some kind of "expectation." I didn't say sacrifice but rather… EXPECTATION. He's not a happy camper right now because his key to the next level is being revoked as we speak.?

    • Ms reg that sounds like something really good to hear when can you talk about it?

    • Dang, Ms Reg! Here I was thinking all day it was that Eastwood guy who was the pansey. I now have a headache trying to decipher the tales of the Fast and Furious franchise. I love how you keep me on my toes, though. 😀 Peace and blessings.

      • An alkie's thought process,

        Please don't wreak your brain & good energy on this. NEVER would you, me or anyone else think or imagine this one. We couldn't even dream it up I'd we tried. When I tell you guys I promise you'll be just as startled & shocked like I was when I heard it yesterday. We live in a viciously corrupt environment nowadays no matter where you reside & who you are.

    • Oh shit Reg Please don't tell me that this is another blood sacrifice crackpot theory thing. LOL

      • No. Not at all & not even close. No theory or blood sacrifice.
        Just motive & the power on a level as such to pull this off & get away with it.

        • @MsReg
          I think i know what you are reffering to w.r.t. the Paul Walker true story of why he did whar he did. The same thing i think was expected of Beyonce, thats why she was acting strange before Lemonade album was released because she knew the deal. You should read some of the lyrics on that album to get a clear indication of what was expected of her and what she did agter that. That album was whack but after its release it was the "bomb" …..and i knew after its release and listening to some songs that she was not talking about Camel but some higher ups who wanted her to pay the piper…….i could be wrong though…

    • This "tragic accident" is suspicious from day one…
      All the noisy tribute to Paul Walker that took place right after "the tragic accident" was also suspect : too many ressemblance with the tributes that take place when a criminal organisation kills someone …

  5. It can't be Vin D because it's HIS Franchise. My bet is on Chocolate Ty!!!

  6. Not that the Rock is any kind of thespian to be callin' someone out.

    Roids+ego+bare minimum of talent = trouble on set

  7. DAMN ROCK, MMMMMmmmmmm good. Got my panties all wet. He is fine as fuk from fukin head to toe in ballers. From what he wears to the way he walks, FIONE!!!!!!

    • It's not Tyrese that Ma regular in here cooking up and smelling some bullshit mediafakeout shit she read before any of us read yet ! Her client are Google and Bing .. Bitch bye !

  8. Rock is having roid rage. Nobody else mentioned this obvious fact look at the man all bulked up like the incredible hulk. During a RR they are bitchy as hell quick tempers, dangerous to be around I know from experience.

    • Who cares, they hired him among others because people are tired of seeing the same old same old originals.

      I mean shit they are on PART 8 of A CAR MOVIE!!!!! WTF…

  9. Whoever thinks that Dwayne Johnson is a big old roided up mess is dead wrong. I'm not saying that he doesn't use PEDs, but he does not exhibit signs of over use like so many dudes at the gym do. He is the nicest most chill dude in Hollywood. He is nice to everyone on set from the craft services folks to the background actors. He's damn near perfect.

  10. Only person with the problems is the rock.dude roided up and ugly AF.he prob jealous of tyrese banging Michelle Rodriguez lol.

    • Please tell me that you had a stroke while typing Uncle Truth.

      The Rock "ugly as f*ck?" He's the best looking man in Hollywood. He couldn't be ugly if he tried.

      Are you high or just jelly?

    • Michelle is gay. She's only straight for pay.

      She's somewhere right now with her face in some random skank.

      Tyrese is gay too.

  11. Unless someone can show me documentation about the Rock and roid rage, There is no roid rage with the Rock. Sure he probably use steroids, but there is no RR. i have never heard the Rock speak publicly about anyone in a negative way. So something must have definitely happened to piss him off.

  12. This shit honestly should have ended after 7. Without Paul Walker, it just doesn't have that same feel to it. Though truthfully i think the franchise should have ended long ago.

    Dwayne Johnson fine as hell. Screw slamming co-stars, he can slam me lol

  13. He doesn't exhibit roid rage cuz he prolly usin' some kind of chill pill.

    Folks, It is called modulating.

    You don't bad mouth your co-stars in production. Wait until the very end, the very end, when you know there will be no sequel and then talk smack, write a book, make some money. But don't jeopardize production.

  14. Why does Tyrone worship Walkman so much? He had a big azz portrait of him in his backyard! Who does that?? Will there be a F & F 9 too? When does it end? I don't see how they are getting new viewers to like this old azz concept. I sure would like to know the 'tea' though about what really happened! Anybody got any idea? no hints?

    • There is no real tea. It is the same BS cover up story just with different characters. There is prob shit floating out there on the net, but stevie wonder could see that car "accident" excuse was a bunch of BS.

  15. Honestly, I think it's newcomer, the "Eastwood" boy,……he looks like he's full of himself & a real douchebag,…Jason doesn't look like the type who has time for the bullshit, Tyrese runs his mouth like a real female, but I don't think he socializes with Dwyane,….. nor does Chris!

  16. Then again it is hollyweird we are talking about, this could be nothing more than a publicity stunt, to get talks about the movie, in hollyweird the motto among many, is any publicity is good publicity!

    • Nawww, vin cream puff is mad at all the shine dwayne is getting…mixed on mixed hate at it's finest.

    • It's definitely a stunt.

      The Rock rarely gets into these little slap fights. He's half Samoan, so if he had a problem; he would just fight the dude and get it over with. LOL.

  17. The Rock is nuttin' but a rocky piece of rock shit who has done nasty and shady shit to be the Hollyweird star that he is !
    Boycott all of Hollyweird entertainement now !

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