Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Has Kim & Kylie SHOOK!

kylie cosmetics fenty beauty shade

The Kardashian-Jenner family must be really shook about Fenty Beauty because they’re doing whatever they can to snatch Rihanna’s coins from black women!

Rihanna’s massive makeup launch included 40 shades for women of all skin tones. It was praised for having a larger range of deep shades for women of color. The darker shades sold out almost immediately – letting the beauty industry know there’s a market out there that has been neglected for so long.

Days later, Kim and Kylie FINALLY decided to promote their colors for dark skinned women through their Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty brands.

Kylie promoted her Brown Sugar Matte with the image of a black woman on her company’s social media accounts, and Kim shared a photo of her Deep/Dark powder contours just to remind people she has dark shades too! *Rolls eyes*

kim kardashian kkw beauty fenty beauty shade

As you can guess, their comment sections are LIT.


    • Lol right. They don’t like making makeup for black people watch all the makeup brands try to be like Rhianna now smh.

  1. Bravo to Rhi for taking down those whores witches!! Shook is an understatement #BuyingBlack

  2. But watch how many dumb ass blacks buy the kardtrashians products still. I can’t wait to get Rhianna’s foundation I’m hearing so many good things about it and I’m glad. These mfs don’t like making makeup for black people time to support one another.

  3. Naw. Rhi has changed the makeup game in a HISTORIC way. The K witches are shook for real.

  4. No one, whether they are black, white, purple or green should ever be buying stuff from the Kartrashians. No one.

    • One time I was in one of those big box stores cosmetics section and the prettiest shade of turquoise blue nail polish but minute I saw Kardashian on the board display, I dropped it with a quickness.

  5. I don’t wear make up like that, but my understanding is Iman was one of the first to do makeup for women of color.

    Good to have anyone do something outside of that whoring, thieving, trashy family.

  6. I’ll need to pop into a store and support Rhianna’s line. Also, shame on black women for supporting those culture thieves aka kartrashians. They are so blatant with their disrespect!

    • I would never buy a product from them. Every black woman that I’ve seen use their products look absolutely terrible in them. Kim’s foundation looks like funeral makeup on brown skin mhmm theybknow what they doing

  7. If you knew better it really doesn’t matter where you get the makeup from because there’s always a rich white man pulling all the strings in the background so don’t think for a second that Rihanna is the only one seeing all if much of that money that’s going to be coming in from her line.

  8. She may be the face of the product but that’s just to sucker people of color in .you best believe the white man in the background getting all that money.
    I thought y’all knew how this s*** works already? Smh

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