Phaedra Parks Broke & Begging to Return to RHOA?

phaedra fired real housewives atlanta

After spreading the false rumor that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker tried to drug and rape their cast mate, Porsha Williams, Phaedra Parks’ peach was revoked on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Now that the checks have dried up, rumor has it that Phaedra is dead broke, and she has BEGGED producers to let her back on the show.

“She’s desperate for cash. She’s trying to sell one of her homes and lease a recently purchased home because she doesn’t have the substantial income that she was earning on RHOA. She has been in constant contact with producers asking to make a cameo or be part of the series in some capacity. They have repeatedly declined her offers because she no longer has an organic relationship with any of the season 10 cast members.”

Bravo TV’s Andy Cohen already revealed none of the cast wants to film with shady Phae-Phae, so her time on the show seems to be OVER!

Bye, girl!


  1. She can always still profit from gang warfare and young blk males shootin each other. I know this grim reaper pumps her fists in the air whenever somebody dies.

    She was never down for face to face confrontation but her backstabbing antics were pure evil…

    Why phaedra? Her personality was always cool to me. Soothing. Sigh

  2. We don’t wanna see her on the show anymore! She did Kandi and Porscha beyond WRONG!! She deserves EVERYTHING that comes to her! Phaedra is a big time con woman, like Ms. Joyce said, she needs to be in a cell with Appollo

  3. She needs to sell all of her homes and buy a decently sized condo. She can’t carry ‘that lifestyle’ anymore. She also needs to re-start her law career. She hasn’t practiced law forever so she needs to upgrade her license and settle on a small practice. It’s over. She is single now right? Maybe she can find a stupid rich man to marry.

    • Guess Bishop Jamaal ‘Mr Chocolate’ Bryant can’t save her since he’s moved on to Tweet.,,

  4. Bitter much all the women on Rhoa are tired and do dumb shit so why not let the girl live all the bitches are shady

  5. Phaedra will be back. Just like danielle staub. Same thing happened all the jerzey chicks turned on her and forced her out. Then bravo and andy fucked teresa over by making the show about her twisted family. She was pissed and basically begged them to bring danielle back 2 take some of the heat off. This is what will happen on rhoa. It will get real nasty because now the producers will need a new shady boots to start the main drama of the season. They already threatened kenya, nene isnt full time, sheree, cynthia, and porsha hanging on by a thread so my projection is that by the end of this upcoming season it will be a bloodbath they will be wishing they kept phaedra. More will be fired after this season. Bravo is the devil and these women should learn better the devil u know, than the one u dont. Bravo finna fuck these sistas over, watch.

  6. What about her parking lot lawyering and her funeral home gigs? Personally, I wouldn’t want Phaedra anywhere near my dearly departed. ~ Better yet, shop her own reality show, with the focus on the kids, instead of her and her hair brained schemes. Still wouldn’t watch though.

  7. Look here. I don’t know who any of these bitches are, but I DO know that broke high- strung bitches with names like Phaedra do well as employees at Bed Bath & Beyond. Her ass needs to stop playin and come down here and get this application.

  8. Phaedra must not be doing good as an attorney or funeral home. She living beyond her means. She needs to down size cause when you broke you cannot live in high society.
    I have no sympathy for her. They can find someone else to take her spot. She off the show and she needs to stay off the show. Bye Girl go find you something else to do.

  9. Phaedra said be careful todd an kandi might take you to the dungeon an take advantage of you jokingly then kandy said you said I was going to rape an drug you an it stayed how kandi said it. That’s not how she said it Porsha is toe up

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