WTF?! T.I. Pumps the Brakes on XSCAPE’s Interview With Jason Lee

ti xscape interview jason lee

Who knew TI had this much pull over XSCAPE? The group (minus Kandi Burruss) was supposed to have an interview with Jason Lee, but TI stepped in and shut that s**t DOWN!

According to Jason, TIP was mad because of Jason’s affiliation with Floyd Mayweather so he told the ladies not to show up to promote the group.

SMH @ TIP still being hurt over Tiny dancing with Money May.


  1. This little fool right here. He wasnt even in the business when they first hit the charts. Micromale was too young back then and he is too stupid now for controlling those women. They are probably beefin again because of some male. Just let them be great, sir.

  2. Diddnt he just cuss out tamar at one of their shows?? Tip is doing too much.. Let your wife and her group do there thing!! Some body has controll issues.. Smh..

    • Do tell regarding Tamar, her lips don’t stop moving..
      He’s very controlling

  3. Jason Lee is bad for business, and that interview would have quickly turned into shots fired, and gossip. XSCAPE isn’t ready enough to recognize a bait. Ti did the right thing.

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