Seal Is Shook, Tries to Clear Up His Thoughts About Oprah

seal oprah harvey weinstein

After getting dragged by Fox News, social media users and Chrissy Teigen for his remarks about Oprah Winfrey’s friendship with disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, singer Seal is now backpedaling.

“Let me start by saying I have enormous amount of repsect for everything Oprah has achieved and contributed in her life. What I reposted was not an attack on Oprah at all, she just happened to be the person photographed with the pig in the picture. No, what I reposted was commentary on the hypocritical and double standard nature and behavior of Hollywood so Fox News, back off…”


  1. Why does he feel the need to speak on the situation in the first place?

    This is the same African chasing snow bunnies aboard yachts and smoking cigars.

    He’s also a KNOWN husband beater to Heidi Klimt.

    Pot Meet Kettle.

    • Typical black woman, trying to protect poor Oprah. You know the woman who has meetings with prominent white eugenicists Ted Turner, Bill (killer Vaccine)Gates, Warren Buffet and last but not least David Rockefeller. Seal does not chase white women, they come to him. Black women are the ones who have to chase.

      • In what way did Anon protect Oprah?? They merely called our Seal’s antics.

        Crawl back in the cave you came from.

    • That is true but if Oprah runs, there will be a list waiting for her. She is the one in focus, not you / me / us keyboard warriors.

    • Lets not forget, Oprah isolated the girls in her school by not allowing cell phone. There was promptly a scandal with one of the staff abusing the girls. See a pattern. The woman was acquitted (or judge bought off) eventually.
      Oprah is an evil NWO globalist satanist who is funded by the Rockefellers and hangs out with Bill Gates.

  2. Everything he originally posted about Oprah is TRUE. Chrissy Tiegen is just trying to be relevant…f**k that b***h.

  3. His ex wife and child been eating from money Harry gave her..
    I’ve never saw the appeal of Seal at all.
    I couldn’t name one song he’s sung and I’m darn sure I wouldn’t but any..

    • I’m not a huge fan because quite frankly he just doesn’t appeal to me BUT a friend of mine years back was playing his first cd or one of his early ones and there is a song called Violet. It’s beautiful…just beautiful. The kind you listen to while you’re driving on an open road. Go to yt and listen…if you dare. You will be pleasantly surprised.

      • He has a LOTTTT of super beautiful songs, that seems to be his style. He kind of reminds me of a guy Sade.

    • Seal is a talented musician, but it all comes down to his preference for white women. Well if you, I’m assuming you’re a black woman, don’t find the appeal in him, wouldn’t that explain his preference for white women, considering he experienced rejection from black women who shared your opinion about him when he wasn’t even famous?

  4. He was right about Oprah and her worship of the likes of Weinstein. It’s just odd he came forward to say that. Usually the original response is the gut honest realistic response, so own it.

  5. It sounds like everyone in Hollywood knew about HW and it was just accepted as
    the price of fame.Kinda gives you an unadulterated view of their mindset
    yet we(some of you)still support their crappy movies,tv shows,concerts&music..etc
    rather then read a book or 2,spend time with or children/youth, help the elderly,volunteer…etc mho

  6. Well Seal and his ex wife Heidi K, is a hypocrite too. Harvey Weinstein was the backer and producers of Project Runway. There are all these photos of Harvey and Heidi Klum and Seal socializing and hugged up. So did Seal and Heidi know about Harvey W’s issues and not do any thing about it???

  7. Yes seal knew because Harvey was fucking her even when they were together. What did trump say, she fell off in the face lmao!

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