WTF?! Rapper Boonk Brings a Gun to Interview & Points It at Jason Lee!

boonk gun jason lee

Rapper Boonk showed up to his Hollywood Unlocked interview with Jason Lee and Melyssa Ford with a stack of cash and a gun!

You gotta watch the video to see Boonk wave the gun around and even point it at Jason right before the interview kicks off.


  1. It was uncomfortable to watch. Moving forward I bet they will start searching these ignorant mother fuckuz when they arrive at the studio.

    • Another punk ass nigga with a gun acting tough. If a gun was pointed back at his punk ass while he was doing that clown shit I know he would have been shook. An fuck that fat pedophile fag he pointed at he should have peeled his cap back .

  2. What is so funny!!!St8 out stupid shid
    really,the young ppl who listen to these artist
    and endorsed this kind of behavior…smh

  3. Boonk is a rapper now? Oh OK cause I thought he was just a prankster. At any rate I guess Jason better watch what or who he’s dishing dirt on

  4. They need to “No shirt, No Shoes, No service” they ass straight out of their studio. Pants hanging so low got ass residue on their chairs. Was all this not a good enough sign..

  5. Was that nigga smoking boonk when he showed up it sounds like that nigga was geeked up on some raw ass white and some fire ass weed.

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