WTF?! Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent: Tickle Booty Beef!

ja rule 50 cent tickle booty beef

Ja Rule woke up this morning and took it all the way back to 2000 by reigniting his beef with 50 Cent. Ja called his nemesis everything from a p***y to a b***h a*s n***a, and even used the hashtag #ticklebooty. We think it might have something to do with 50 admitting he let Vivica A. Fox lick his bussy, but we’re gonna stand by and wait for a disgruntled Ja to spill more tea just in case there’s more to this story:

ja rule 50 cent beef 1

ja rule 50 cent beef 2

ja rule 50 cent beef 3


  1. Sorry I stopped reading after the “I think he rather have my dick in his mouth.” Both these niggas are gay af could have been scorned lovers.

  2. Ha rule sounds like he has a 2nd grade education. I don’t understand a man this old saying things like this.

  3. Why don’t they do a celebrity boxing event and drop the microphones and pick up the boxing gloves and end all the trash talking !?

  4. Ja used to be aight, but for real for real he need to sit his illiterate ass down somewhere and shut the hell up. Embarrassing.

  5. Ja still mad 50 outsold him

    Folks was getting tired of ja thinking he was PAC reincarnated and Irv and suge was on that blood chit then and just hyping his ass to be pac

    Dmx used to diss ha calling him a fag

    With em, 50, Obie trice, busts rhymes and punk ass dre even clowning ja he was through

    You know you through when dre takes his enemy side against you saying you ain’t that dude

  6. Crazychris, Shut up and go hide under a rock. God, can’t come to this site without seeing your garbage posts all up and down each article.

  7. Smh. Such trifling antics from a grown man that ought to know and act better but does not ; is profoundly sad.

  8. 50 hasn’t replied which is a good thing. I hope he never addresses it. 50’s silence is burning is him.

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