Deelishis Has Some Words for CoCo

deelishis coco austin

After CoCo Austin claimed she paved the way for curvy girls, Deelishis had a few words to say.

Peep the video:


  1. I agree with her about the whole whites taking everything now they want to take credit for black women body parts it’s absolutely ridiculous. At the same time blacks are to accepting of other races tbh when they don’t give a shit about us.

  2. Yes she need to stop the bullshit,Coco you did not start big bodies,blacks did!

  3. They can never come for / claim our special ‘black woman gene’ – the Eve Gene. We are special!!!!

    • What bazzaro world you live in? No body I know trying to wear that Rhesus monkey fur on their heads. We reppin God’s Wool over here! Who the hell wants to be in a neanderthal bitch’s mag? Those insecure bitches need a monthly publication to help soothe the insecurity. Pitty… smh

    • The natural hair movement is huge. You think Unilever would invest in Shea Moisture if there was no profit in it? Clueless negro.

      Black men are the easiest race of men to manipulate on the planet but yet they rarely repeat that racist rhetoric but are quick to say (by rote) that we (black Eve Gene queens) are x, y and zed!!

      Get help.

      • That is the AA look. British women– hell, black European women are not wearing blue lenses, blonde weaves and we are not bleaching. I kinda think that AA women are slightly defeated in their approach to beauty.

        In the UK, all I see is young black girls with their own black natural unrelaxed hair. No ‘blondstrocities’ here – thank God.

        Yes black men are easily manipulated. They are the only race of men to openly hate and demean ‘their’ own women. Just cause massa says it’s true.

        Some black men seem to need direction from white males. They seek their approval it seems.

    • While agree she should not capitulate to white culture terrorism (which is that pressure you get when you choose not to assimilate), she does have the Post Traumatic Slave Disorder in her defense. What’s the white bitchs’ excuse????

      • No because ww have no option but to be slim as they are not blessed with curves – for the most part.

        Most white men that I have had ‘relations’ with have preferred the fuller figure. I am slim now though but still manage to get their attention although they prefer me to be curvy.

    • Team Petty!

      Sick of people pointing at the black chicks being fake.

      -What about Coco’s faux tan (trying to be darker than she is I.e. trying to be black)
      – Her addiction to surgery and Botox (to get a body like a black woman)
      – Her faux peroxide blonde (Straight from Clairol)
      – Her WEAVE (yes, Coco wears a weave/ prices/extensions, etc)

      Now run tell dat. These snow bunnies just as fake if not more faker than these instathots.

      • Snowbunnies are just trying to copy black women. Have you realized that the average white women who date black men are usually loud, ghetto, promiscous, fake aesthetics and weed heads. They copy the lifestyle of black women which they think is desirable to black men

  4. Why do people fuss and fight over such silly vain things ? There is no race better than the other. There is no human better than the other. Jesus died for ALL not for certain races. He loves us all. When we stand before God one day we won’t be judged by how big our butts were or how beautiful. We will be judged for what is on the inside and how we lived our life for Jesus Christ . People get so caught up in things that really do not matter. It’s so sad. People, focus on your relationship with God . Love each other . Be kind to everyone even if they aren’t kind back . God will bless you for it.

    • Sounds like you need some ass injections and a weave ask jesus to.give you a breast job

      • your funny 😉
        Well idk if you are joking or being rude but either way . What I said is true . I’m not insulting anyone in what I had to say. It’s a never ending cycle of hatred towards races and society picking apart women and men. It’s so sad. At the end nobody is going to win . Only Jesus Christ and those who are saved which would be Christians all over the world .

    • That sentiment would hold more weight if whites hadn’t insisted that Yahusha was a white man. Now that we know he is a man of hue, they are all about: It doesn’t matter what colour he is etc.

      Blacks are special.

      • We are all special . The Bible says Jesus died for all .. not some .. not a certain race .. he died for us all . We are all human at the end of the day . We all have a soul and were created in the likeness of God . Meaning we all have a soul body and spirit . Don’t allow the hatred and ugliness of other races make u the same way . We are commanded to love one another . Don’t continue the hatefulness that others spread . Be better than that, be different .

    • If they would not have made it seem as though our natural beauty was ugly for centuries while ingraining in society everything white is right, it would not be an issue.

      Now they want to claim everything of ours and profit off of it too? Please…

      Vain my ass, there is nothing wrong with speaking truth and shaming the devil.

      • But who cares? Really… I mean what are you going to gain at the end of the day ? Just more racism more hatred . It’s a never ending cycle . It is vain. Why is it so hard for people to understand that there is no one better than the other? No rich, no poor , no black , no Asian , no white nobody . We all bleed the same . When we die we will either go to heaven or hell . That’s it. This life is very short and we only have one to live . I just wish people could see the seriousness In why we were created . Not to live for ourselves or for this world . It’s all about living for Jesus . Not about how we look or who is more powerful than who .

        • WTF do you mean who cares? It has nothing to do with vanity moron.

          Read these boards…People want to act like we don’t want to better ourselves like we have all the opportunity in the world to be this and that, but do not take into account shit like this…where MF continue to tear us down and have ingrained these thoughts in us where we tear ourselves down more than they do, yet want everyone to believe they are the ones who created having hips and ass & are now the main ones profiting from it, after acting like we were fat ugly monsters from the time they snatched us?

          Until the actual second coming…IT MATTERS!!! So you can GTFOH with the we are equal BS.

  5. Everyone is special in Gods eyes . People can laugh all they want and make fun of what I have to say . All I know is there is coming a judgement day and we all have to give an account for our lives . Not for anyone else but ourself . It is a very superficial life to live if all people care is how big your butt is or what race is better . Doesn’t matter . Jesus Christ died for all and whether any of you believe it or not you will one day . we were not created to compete with other races or men or women. We were created to love God and love for him. Everything in this world will one day be gone but what u do with your soul is what matters .

    • You are an idiot to keep calling it vanity when it has nothing to do with that.

      If you believe as much as you say, it is not your call to judge and call anyone vain.

      If we were all equal as you keep saying, everything happening in this world would not be. Man ruined whatever hope they had for a perfect world when they disobeyed God in the garden of eden and nothing will be right until he comes to reclaim what is his.

      Until then speaking the truth on what has happened and is going on is just that and trying to deny that just make you look like the nut you are.

        • Yes you are right man did ruin it by sinning but that’s why Jesus died for all. Man will never see us as equal that is true . Our job is not to argue about who is better than who or who invented what first . The Bible says we are to share the gospel with the lost world. We are to love our neighbor regardless of what is said or done to us we are commanded to love and to forgive that is it . You want to waste time over this pettiness when there are people lost and dying and going to hell? Really? I’m not judging , I’m speaking what is true. I’m sorry you feel the way you do and have the need to call me names. Just because we see things differently doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I respect what you think and how you feel. My point is just that our soul and how we live for Jesus is what is important . When we stand before him all the things we fought about and argued about will be meaningless . What you did with your soul will be what matters . Did you accept Jesus and try to live the way he told us to or did you reject him and live for the world? That is all. You can call me every name in the book but I know I have peace in my heart because of Jesus . One day I will live eternity in heaven and I pray one day you will be there too.

          • You are the one wasting time, when you should just STFU.

            Not reading all that shit cuz I am sure you are saying the same shit, and not addressing the real issue that what they are doing is BS and we have the right to say what they are doing and have done is BS and stand up for ourselves.

          • FYI I don’t need you to pray for me, my ticket is secure.

            And speaking the truth by saying what they have done/ are doing is wrong will never change that.

            I don’t have to agree with a backward, mental case, holy roller to know who I am, what I believe and where I am going.

            • no one said what they were doing wasn’t right . It’s not to argue about and I never came on here cursing at anyone or calling names. Good for you to stand up for what you believe is right. Just like your ticket is secure please help others make sure theirs is as well my friend. God bless you in your life . Holy roller is correct . I am holy rolling my way to heaven one day at a time 🙂

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