CoCo Says She Paved the Way for Thick Girls!

coco thick girls

CoCo Austin, also known as Ice T’s wife is saying she paved the way for thick girls!

Here’s her Instagram post where she pays homage to herself:

coco curvy


  1. Who cares about this hoe!? What about Kim Z saying Kandi buruss was tryna eat out her box and then on twitter kim was sayin that it was true kandi was tryna eat & that kandi and todd really are swingers and kandi smashing all these hoes. So i guess phaedra was right after all?

    • Kandi sang like a dyke from day one every man wants a woman sounding like a stud but xscape and those other Atlanta groups usrx to dress like tomboys amf studs then

      • LOL! Crazychris, i thought she sounded more like a goat than a dyke, but I get where you’re going with it… LMAO! Yeah, Xcape and a lot of other female groups were a part of the Masculating of the female… Those groups were always wearing the 2XL T shirts, and baggy pants with timerberland boots. TLC, SWV, they even had Aaliyah dressed like that. I truly believe this was intentional.

    • She paved the way for women to get a fake ass, as well as the plastic sergeons, to make more money of the procedure.

  2. Black women have always been ostracized for their size of buttons and breast. In comes this troll trying to appropriate. Remember when black women began wearing braids since the beginning of man? Then came 10 and Bo Derek running on a beach sporting braids. It was like no one ever saw braids in their miserable lives. Braids became cool. KK family also think they put braids and big bottoms on the map. GTFOHWTBS.

  3. Black women are considered ghetto.until a white woman comes along and does it and tjen mainstream accepts it

  4. Coco – you will never be relevant.

    Just focus on the mongrel child you have with geriatric T.

    • #PREACH! I’m surprised that kid survived all of that silicone laced blood supply. This h0e should have the Bisphenol A symbol tatooed on her plastic ass.

  5. This woman is now being featured in that UK newspaper. Her before and afters are published. She shapes herself like a black woman then takes credit for putting thick women’s curves on the map. The audacity of this clown. White women that chase black men after visiting a build a thot factory. smh.

  6. We need to stop letting these white women get away with disrespecting us. White women like her and the Kardashians sit up here, appropriate blackness, and get to laugh about it. No no. Where are the loudmouth women to get at these women?

    • All over every comment board fighting back, every chance I get. Where the rest of yall?!?

  7. Coco sure did pave the way, for more women to consult with a butt implant doctor also paved the way to help plastic surgeons get more business.

  8. Ice-T hates black women just as much as Tiger Woods! Ice-T loves ugly white women just as much as Tiger Woods!

    • There you go! Now that is a true Apples to Apples comparison. Both of those mamzer hybrids have a heavy concentration of neanderthal DNA, this garbage genetics causes the individual to be highly Anti-Black.

  9. Fuc!!!!
    the lust for celebrity& money are out wayyyy of control,it seems these f’n broke azz nobodies,has beens..etc
    will do anything for a lil attention,heaven help them cause my azz ain’t smh

  10. Black Women Jealous As F*ck Right Now !!! L.A. Face With A Oakland Booty !!! (black women only have a oakland booty LOL)

  11. You didn’t pave the way for no one with your store bought implants. It was reported was butt was enhanced. It’s part of your prenup and you’re too short to model he runway..The only thing you can take credit for is making an ass out of IceT.. He’s a big mouth ussy now..

  12. Tapanga was the first phat ass white chick as far as I’m concern….but of course I was 14 years old when Boy Meets World aired.

    • She has something in her dna…her big lips and thick hair showed she has something else in her background.

      • Yeah, like a Post 1990s McDonald’s Hamburger full of special “body contouring” chemicals to help the cavebitch become the perfect weapon against the black community. “Black man’s kryptonite” was a purposeful Operation.

        • If that were the case there would have been more than her who looked like that.

          Besides black men will fall all over themselves to fuck a fat mama june over a well-built sister 6 out of 7 days a week, so explain that?

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