Toya Wright Reveals Her Baby Daddy

toya wright baby daddy

Toya Wright’s baby daddy showed up to her baby shower to pose for pictures, and she finally revealed him posting one of the photos on her Instagram.

His name is Robert “Red” Rushing and he’s a sports manager.



  1. Usually people reveal the baby not the baby daddy. It’s sad I’m actually ashamed of being part of this generation.

  2. and she wrote a parenting book. all she can tell anyone is how to spot a guy who will dump you for a lighter skin woman.

  3. Toya mama was a crackhead toya got pregnant at 14 by Wayne they got married As teens they wee both unfaithful and drug addicts now that reginae grown and she can’t get no more Wayne money she had to go out and get pregnant by another dude to keep that child support coming

    What else toya known for a damn reality show

      • You right I am mad cause I can’t experience all the pain if breaking water and being in labor yes I need a dick in my mangina right Now I want 9 inches boy pussy can.bleed let that nigga know he doing damage

  4. Congrats on the new baby. At least your focus can be about someone else instead your grown daughter. Sorry your daughter act like a 10 yrs, during the sweet 16 show & growing up hip hop. When you and Lit’ Wayne came from humble beginnings. You daughter act as if everyone around her is under her shoes. Her nose is to high in the air, whom get everything she wants. But NOT earn with hard work. My net worth is 9 digits, my 2 kids don’t treat people the way your one daughter treat people. Especially when on television for everyone to see. I also love in ALT!

    • Yes, Regina (sp????? like I really care) is super annoying. Looks like her parents waited to late to start telling her NO. She expects everything to be handed to her and her parents are doing her a big dis-service as she may never know her true worth….

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