Rapper Fredo Santana Dead at 27

fredo santana dead

Fredo Santana, the rapper who made his way into the spotlight as Chief Keef’s cousin, died after suffering a fatal seizure.

The Chicago rapper was hospitalized last October for kidney and liver failure, which he claimed was caused by his use of Xanax and lean. He was released from the hospital and was back in the studio, but his health never fully recovered.

He’s survived by his 8-month-old son, Legend.




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  1. This is what happens when your diet consists of weed, alcohol, and drugs. If he was in the hospital in October he had some time to clean his act up. Kidney failure is preventable.

  2. Lots of rappers and porn stars dead over the last 18 months. What’s happening? Somebody call Lil Wayne who leans and seizes all the time.

  3. Never heard this guy music but it seems like associates of chief keef are cursed his other cousin blood money was shit down guess keef must serve the devil

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