WTF?! Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Calls His Other Baby a Monkey!

    fetty wap baby mama monkey

    One of Fetty Wap’s baby mamas was in her feelings during an Instagram Live session. While going off, she told Fetty to get a DNA test for one of his babies, who she referred to as a “f*****g monkey.”

    Wait, so we’re destroying H&M stores for their monkey sweatshirt but it’s okay to call each other monkeys?


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    1. All this monkey business does is reinforce the misconception that black = monkey when in reality they are more closely related to them. Ever seen a full lipped afro haired monkey? Me neither.

    2. Typical mamzer… Hybrids react using that 50% neanderthal DNA when they get mad. Half apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    3. Monkey, n**gers. Black use these words to keep black down and non-black will too. It’s how it goes.

    4. A monkey has light skin, thin lips, light eyes, and straight hair.

      Anyway, this is what happens when you invite octaroons to the cookout. I don’t know what’s worse, that or flat earthers.

      • Exactly. They are more closely related. That is why they do it. Testing on animals (monkeys) which are more closely related to them is not a fact that they want known. No one will care if they are thought of as more negroid than caucasoid though.

    5. She needs to get a DNA test. I’m sure it will find that she is related to the Rhesus Monkey.

    6. A disgrace to the struggle. Maya Angelou would be so proud of what these ‘sistas’ are accomplishing on social media.

      • This female is a mongrel. A product of the Interracial Agenda. She’s biologically engineered to hate authentic black people. She is NOT a sistah. NOT Black.

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